30 Oct 2007

Bigfoot Photos From Pennsylvania

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Ray L. Wallace before he passed away in a nursing home in Centralia, Washington in 2002 admitted that he had personally created the North American Sasquatch myth with some faked footprints leading to nationwide press reports in 1958. But the stories continue.

Last September 16th, around 10:30 PM, an automatic camera set up by Rick Jacobs in the Allegheny National Forest, near Ridgway in Elk County, Pennsylvania, intended to capture photos of a trophy buck,was triggered and took some photographs prompting world-wide Bigfoot-sighting reports.

Bradford County Era

news.com.au (Australia) Photo Gallery

Obviously bears.


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The more and more I look at the pictures I lean towards a primate creature. Ive hunted for the last ten years of my life and I have never seen a bear stand in those postures. Earlier I had came to the conlusion that it was a bear but the more I compare this pics to pics of other bears and primates…Im leanin towards a primate. It would be amazing to get more photos of this creature..I hope he kept his trail camera in the same spot!

Carl H.

Is that a little ‘9/11 an inside job’ sign that the primate is carrying?

chris wemmer

Yep, the first 2 shots sure as hell are not bears, not even anorexic ones. They look more anthropoid than anything else. Maybe a naked ape in a suit?


Yes, and we have lots of bears here.


The first two pictures and the third picture are obviously different animals. The third picture is definitley bears, the first two, I don’t know. Also, if you look at the time stamp on the photos, the third picture was taken almost a full 30 minutes before the other two photos.

The other Chris

It’s not clear enough to tell what it is. The feet look wrong for a “bigFoot” or primate. very stubby. I wonder if it is a deformed bear? The first Photo looks like the back is hunched. what ever it is, pretty odd.

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Man I have been trying to find a good picture of the bigfoot and here they are the only pictures that i beleave to be bigfoot or this guy let his pet money run around in the woods ha ha


it definitely looks bi-pedal…who knows? as far as legends go this one looks like a toddler
at least in the 2nd pic..


um… maybe a monkey, ape, i do believe there is bigfoot but just not sure about this…young bifoot????


I belive that theres a north amaican ape out there me and my dad and brother always go to norther lower michigan and try to found a bigfood the only thing we have found is a mouse a porkiepin and a owl fly across in frount of us. But even thow I havent see a bigfoot Istill belive there is a bigfoot or some kind of ape.


Looks like a ape got loose in your mtns…I’ve heard lots of tales over here on the Yakama Reservation and Western. Wa. area, but never been prooved. last 2 pictures are definately bears..lol. good luck!

ron from pa.

the first photo to me looks like a small cub reaching his head forward into a stretch behind the log or rocks to eat something, and also the log or rocks there hide part of the cubs stomach making it look like it is skinny ,,,,,something they like behind that log or rock!!!!

Don from Georgia

I grew up in Pa and spent six years in Alaska. I’ve seen as many black bear as anybody has, and that is not a bear! The bear cubs in the earlier shots are playing with a salt block and moved it a bit. One shot has a cub over the block and the suspect creature in the same shot. The unknown bipedal creature is going to remian unknown until better evidence is found. “Bigfoot” has been reported to cavort with bears. The one thing I’m absolutely sure of is that there’s not one self respecting zoologist in this country who can look at the hind leg articulation on this creature and call it a bear!


I definetly think the first picture is some sort of primate. The other two look like bear cubs.

donny desmarais

what is the black box in the bottom middle of the pictures, but yet with the bears in the pictures it’s gone??????? thats what i would liked explained to me…because as far as the creature it’s differant looking….

Don from Georgia

It, I think, might be the tray that holds the salt block in the first picture. It’s been tipped over by the cubs. Until you raised that question, I was thinking the black object might be the backside of a lingering cub.

Marie From Jacobs Creek

The Man Who Posted These Pictures Also Posted A Picture Of A Bear Mange, They Look Too Different From Each Other, I Have Never Seen A “BIGFOOT” In Person But I Have Seen Other Things & Believe That Anything Is Possible

JJ From Alaska

I have studied bears in their natural habitat for nearly 10 years and based on the body and leg structure of the creature in the photo i would have to say that it is with out a doubt not a black bear

Amanda And Amanda


frank r

body looks all wrong to be a black bear. i’ve seen bears with mange, and this isn’t close. the head looks wrong to be a bear. the feet, however, don’t look big enough to be a sasquatch. were there any tracks found in the spot to signify a possible bigfoot?

Becky from New York

I have been in the bigfoot field for 7 years.. when this photo surfaced i took it upon myself to interview a couple long time bear hunters/trackers and they ALL said without a doubt that the creature was NOT a bear , to my knowledge of what they look like, it seems to me as a young bigfoot, about 7-7.5 ft tall , and aprox. 200-230lbs.


Any self-respecting person that calls themselves a hunter, will tell you that the unidentified “creature”, in the photos is not, I repeat NOT a bear of any kind. I am not saying for certain that it is a “bigfoot”, however, if it is not, are we saying that there is yet another mystery creature roaming the woods??

Joy, Cash and Timmy

OMFG we believe in BigFoot..but that’s not bigfoot..not somebody in a suit…that’s some kind of scary creature…we’re not sure WHAT it is…but we don’t ever wana encounter it..it’s so scary omfg..we really want somebody to get more info on this thing and take more pics…


I live a few miles from the original location. the woods the picture was taken in stretch to the town i live in. there was a “sighting” (suppoedly) very close to my home. no one admits it could be anything but a bear with mange but everyone now owns a game camera and a hunting liscence.


The photos are definitely unusual, but if you accept the PA Game Commission’s assertion that it’s a mangy bear, then everything about the photos makes sense. Absence of fur would make a bear look lanky and primatal, especially under poor visibility conditions.

The mangy bear conclusion also makes sense considering that cubs were photographed in the same location during the same hour, which means that bears were in the area, which means that this was probably a bear too. In addition, virtually all purported sasquatch sightings describe an animal walking upright; these photos show an animal on all fours…like a bear.

Some people are stating that they’ve hunted/studied bears for 10+ years and have never seen such a bear. This statement doesn’t really prove anything, though (except, perhaps, that they’re unfamiliar with the sight of a mangy bear in a nighttime setting).


they are only bears

Bruce David Wilner

I am quite the cryptozoology dilettante, and nothing would make me happier than legitimate sasquatch evidence that is verifiable as so. Unfortunately, I think any fool can see that the “beast” in this image is naught but a costumed acrobat of moderate competence. The “experienced hunter” story rings utterly hollow. It’s truly a shame that serious, credentialed cryptozoologists–who already face an uphill battle vis-a-vis acceptance of their professional “hobby”–would be fooled for even a second by this preposterous absurdity of an image. Next, I’m sure, we’ll hear opposing “logic” such as, “Nobody would venture into the woods that late at night.” Puh-LEEZ . . .

Ron Johnson

Its a juvenile sasquatch for sure. I have been fascinated with these photos for a while and I believe there the real deal. I did some research on them and there seems to be alot of fighting and jealousy in the bigfoot community over the BFRO’s ownership of them. It seems that they have started a war among the top bigfoot organizations.

Mary Mitchell

I saw a bigfoot in 1961 in Friendsville Pa a few miles south of Binghamton. I am a believer; I didn’t even know it had a name until I saw the picture in a magazine a few years later.

Chris M

I think the pic in question is a bear cub leaning against it’s mother fully stretched out giving the illusion of a long arm. I think the “long arm” is actually a blurry cub in motion. Look closely. By the way, 911 was an inside job.


Are these real.? If so how did you get these beautiful photos?

hodge podge

i have a actual bigfoot story. i was fishing one time and me and my dad both saw “it” .there was a clearing out at baileys deer crossing [name changed for the safety of media enthusiasts] and the bridge was a humped over, reddish brownish colored ape and at the same time we both said”whoa that was weird ” but it walked between two trees and it dissappeared. and we never saw it again. but i saw it again


I have been into mysterious creatures since I was a child, and these pics are very different compared to the bears. If you look closely, the furs are of different texture and color, and even the size is a huge difference! I want it to be real. I really do!

Fox Mulder

I have seen this beast before. The truth is out there.


I lost confidence in the expertise of the BFRO folks over their eagerness to jump to the conclusion that the poor beast in the picture is a tennage sasquatch. They are truely just flapping their gums and hoping that a few blind listeners take them for their word alone. Ther is absolutley no evidence to support that this is anything other than a bear. Even if a faked footprint was found, i would call it an honest mistake by BFRO. I will no longer pay them any mind.


The first picture is mest up what is that

Ed Pierson

I believe in bigfoot, but this is not bigfoot. It is a black bear with cubs and it is manged. Coyotes get the same thing and look terrible. Black bears get this and appear lankey, because of the lack of thick fur. Tree cameras do not do justice for any photos. C, mon and think for a minute. Black bear cubs would not be hanging around this thing if it was bigfoot. Die hard bigfoot believers just want this to be the elusive bigfoot. Sorry, not so. Soon as i saw it i knew it was a black bear. This has gotten blown out of porportion. Jacobs got his 15 mins of Fame.


that is a prime mate acting like a bear …that is how he prey to kill them


I say looking at pics i’ll say….Its bigfoot alright!!! look at it and tell me you don’t see it…but wate I thought bigfoot could not bend that way? so maybe it not bigfoot! and your just lieing to us! maybe you sould not do that!!!


what I want to know is where are the rest of the photo’s. the ones that show what it is? I’m sure what ever it is was here long enough to get a better picture.
You see it all the time people send pictures of something, then later on the rest of the pictures surface and reveal every thing. And this is one of those cases…

Mr. Hyde

Definitely a black bear. I in pic #2 it is rubbing against the tree which is very common behavior as well. How it could have been mistaken as a bigfoot is beyond me.


It’s Sasquatch of a different national origin. Stop being racist and calling it a bear.

Samantha P

First of all the first two pictures are not of a bear. Second of all the person who claimed that “it” (the creature) is rubbing against the tree in the second picture which means it is a bear, is wrong. There is almost a good two feet between the creature and the tree. I have been a photo researcher for 8 years and I majored and am currently employed as a photo editor. I also minored in animal studies. The last photo with the two Ursus americanus (black bear) cubs was taken 28 minutes before the first and second pictures were. In those pictures it is my observation that the creature is tracking the cubs possibly because it plans on feeding on them, or it may have some sort of connection to the cubs’ maybe it watches over them. If this is “big foot” then it is more than likely connected to primates which would support my second theory. Primates are known to take in babies that are not their own after the “parents” have been killed. Bears rarely allow their cubs to be too far away from themselves and there doesn’t seem to be any “parent” bear in the general area of the cubs. Which may also support my second theory, but if not my first observation may also be correct.


In the late eighties I was attending California University of PA. While traveling to the university I came across a very large chimpanzee or a smallish gorilla sitting in the middle of the highway. A state police car had pulled alongside the critter waiting for animal control. It was by far one of the strangest sights I have ever seen. Later it was said that the primate had escaped from the Pittsburg zoo. This seemed too happened often during my four years in western PA.


I think its real. Look at the hips on the creature. it looks like human hips


I think its real . Look at the hips and legs they look almost human.

Jesus Christ

I believe that Bigfoot is real because I know what Bigfoot really is. Half man and half gorilla. Men had sex with female gorillas a long time ago. A man made evoltuion.

Dan E W

what we can see in this pic is probibly some type of chimp as the legs are to long to a bear (i think) however it would be great to be able to put an end to this mystery of big foot
i have an idea, what if a grant could be obtained to be able to really find (big foot ?) if enough dedicated people could getogether and have the proper gear needed to locate it, i think it would be a wonderful addition to sience as long as if it was found and sientists didn”t feel they had to cut it up to study its makeup ! if a group of dedicated people were interested in that idea i would very much like to be able to be on that list.
then, my friends we would really have something of fact to study and converse about rather that fake each other out so we can be noticed, I’m so sick and tired of all these dimwitt people with all their pics that are out of focus, and when you do get the chance to observe any one of these so called people that have seen Bigfoot, take a good look at them, then ask yourself if you think any one of these people have one sensere look about them, to me, I wouldn’t give them the time of day, I have seen more intellegent looking folks standing under a freeway overpass either trying to get a ride somewhear or need enough cash to get their next fix
as i mentioned earlier, if someone knows the way to obtain a Grant for locating bigfoot, i’d love to sign up as long as if it was found it wouldn’t be taken apart in the name of sience ! (sorry,i’m such a terrible speller) again I will help in anyway I can! D.E.W.


What in the first pic? it look like something that is tring to stand up the second and thrid are bears.

Harold J. Forsythe

I did live in Pennsylvania, up untill about twenty years ago. There was always stories about bigfoot back then. I live in Ohio now, one night I was walking along a wooded area of the Metroparks in ohio in Rocky River it was about 2am. At about 100 hundred feet away from me I saw this creature that was all black walking on four legs at first I thought it was a dog but when I got close enough to get a better view of it. At about fifty feet away I noticed that it did not look like any animal that I have ever seen before, all of a sudden it took off into the woods, maybe I spooked it, for what ever reason it ran, I did not follow it being dark outside and me without any source of lite. So I just shrugged the notion off, but I do believe in Bigfoot, because if you think about it Scientist the world round have been finding new life forms and animals all over. Sure it would be great to have concrete proof of Bigfoot, that could not be disputed, but untill then I shall always believe in Bigfoot. For example they found that the giant squid does in fact exist by finding one in the deep waters. Look at all those new animals they the Scientist found in the Amazon jungle, some they thought where extint.


man bummer it wasn’t bigfoot well… keep trrying


i think that one is a gorilla on loose or a gorilla from the zoo cause bigfoot’s as i know use to stand with their bear feet and not with the help of their hands…


It was a juvenile Sasquatch from the investigations I seen from some credible people.


this is definately not bears.. i saw the original pics the bears?? where there first and chased away from the bait.. you can definately see the longer legs of the sasquatch and smaller bears…

Bill Fenton

An engineer measured it by using a game camera and stakes in the ground at the site. It had 22 inch arms and a 18 inch body that’s impossible for a bear.

Josh Benbrook

That looks like my sister…

n marlier

I’ve lived in pa all my life. I have seen up close many bears and a few with mange and that pic is sure as shit not of a bear. The apendages are far to long to be a bear and I have seen bears pushing 500 plus pounds that couldn’t touch the length that creature had. Look a little harder. No way a bear and not person in a suite

Jesus Christ

“Bigfoot Is Real”

Jesus Christ

“Bigfoot Is Real”
:comment # 4:



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