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16 Apr 2015

Amusing German newYorker Clothing Line Commercial

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08 Mar 2015

Parodies of Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Ads

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and the Saturday Night Live parodies with Jim Carrey:

01 Mar 2015

Leonard Nimoy Commercial

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14 Jan 2015

Absent Ikea, You May Have to Set Those T Shirts Free


31 Oct 2014

Jeppson’s Malort

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I’d never heard of this stuff before running into the ad yesterday.



RedEye Staffers taste Malort for the first time. 1:51 video


14 things about Malort.

21 Oct 2014

BLAH Airlines Flight 101

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Quote: “Have you been flying BLAH? Take a glimpse inside BLAH Airlines Flight 101 from Newark to San Francisco. At the end of this trailer, you can choose to watch the full 5 hour and 45 minute BLAH flight (, or you can exit BLAH to take a radical departure to Virgin America (

Will you pick peanuts and annoying service? Or grab a seat at Virgin America instead to enjoy WiFi, entertainment, power outlets, moodlighting, and food and drinks on demand? The choice is yours.”

Via The Dish.

18 Oct 2014

Tasting Laphroaig

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11 Oct 2014

Kirk & Spock in a German Volkswagen Commercial

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Hat tip to Karen L. Myers.

05 Oct 2014

“People in Horror Movies Make Bad Decisions”

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Geico Commercial: 0:30 video

03 Oct 2014

Too Much Herbsaint Last Night

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Davide Bellocchio: Brioschi Advertisement

Via Generic Art.

08 Sep 2014

Greene King IPA Commercial

Hat tip to Jose Guardia [Facebook].

27 Aug 2014

John Malkovich Makes a Good Vampire in French Commercial

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Hat tip to Karen L. Myers.

18 Aug 2014

Muslim Culture Meets German Engineering

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22 Jul 2014

James Garner Memorial Posting

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Americans were saddened this week by the passing of the good-looking and always affable James Garner. It seems appropriate to remember Garner with a look at a few of his best-known roles.

Bret Maverick takes on Clint Eastwood (1959):



Garner’s late 1970s-early 1980s Polaroid commercials with Mariette Hartley were considered one of the advertising industry’s biggest hits. Garner tended to play the graceful loser in the battle of the sexes. Their badinage was so persuasive that a lot of people believed that Garner and Hartley were really married.

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