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01 Jun 2018

The Good Life

24 Dec 2017

Riding the Dakota Prairie on Christmas Eve.

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By J. Bottum, from the December 22, 2000 Wall Street Journal:

Late afternoon on Christmas Eve, the year I was eleven, my father took me with him across the river. I can’t remember what the urgency was, but he needed some papers signed by a rancher who lived over on the other side of the Missouri from Pierre. So off we headed, west over the bridge and north through the river hills.

If you’ve never seen that South Dakota country in winter, you have no idea how desolate land can be. I once asked my grandmother why her grandfather had decided to stop his wagon-trek in what became the town where she was born. And she answered, in surprise that I didn’t know, “Because that’s where the tree was.”

Nice story RTWT.

06 Oct 2016

Grand Prix Jumping Photos

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Ben Maher of Great Britian on Alfredo during Day 2 of the 79th German Dressage and Jumping Derby 2008 at Klein Flottbek Derby Park on May 02, 2008 in Hamburg, Germany.

When there’s no turning back.

Unhappy landing for the rider. Horse was fine.

03 May 2015

Hannah and Her Horse Video

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A video featuring the two stars of the DIRECTV Commercials:

11 Nov 2014

Remembrance Day Hunting Braid

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The Tin Man out with the Worcestershire Foxhounds

Hat tip to Karen L. Myers.

10 Jan 2014

Regular People Versus Horse People


Hat tip to Jesse Swan.

06 Dec 2013

Italian Cavalry School 1906

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Italian Cavalry School at Tor di Quinto near Rome 1906

That rider is Federico Caprilli.

Hat tip to Ratak Mondosico.

04 Dec 2013

“We Don’t Have the Tack For That”

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Sit around on the tractor in stilettos. Fields ain’t gonna bushhog themselves!

Horse Nation mocks clueless fashion photos depicting models pretending to be equestrians posing dangerously, nonsensically, or in preposterous attire.

19 Nov 2013

Helmet Cam View of Ledbury Hen Do

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Members of the West Midlands Ledbury Hunt conduct a riding “Hen Do” (female-version of a bachelor party) riding over hunt territory in formal hunt attire, recorded by one of the participants wearing a helmet cam. Go, Bertie!

Hat tip to Jessie Swan.

18 Nov 2013

If You Want to Have a Good Time (Join the Cavalry)

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Swiss Cavalry on patrol near the frontier, 1917.

Hat tip to Madame Scherzo.

05 Oct 2013

How Horses Eat


19 Sep 2013

Horse Found on Roof

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A New Brunswick couple in the business of raising racehorses left a one-year-old colt alone in his paddock. Overnight, he found his way onto the garage roof, doubtless looking for his equine friends.

They have since fenced off access to that roof.

CTV News 2:03 video

04 Aug 2013

New British Side-Saddle Record

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Horse and Hound:

Michaela Bowling set a new British side saddle high jump record by clearing 6ft 3in at the The National Show at Aintree on Saturday 27 July.

Riding Laughing Larry, who is blind in one eye, they were just 3in off the world record.

Michaela, a regular showjumper and former point-to-point jockey, has been riding side saddle for a while, but this was only the third time Laughing Larry has been ridden aside.

Ireland’s Susan Oakes, who broke the record last year at 5ft 11in, finished second.

27 Jun 2013

Sobieski Lancers

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King John (Sobieski) Lancers of the 20th Uhlan Regiment demonstrate old-fashioned weapons and equestrian skills.

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