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29 Oct 2016

Thank You, Famous Actors!

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22 Apr 2016

Excellent Ted Cruz Ad

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21 Feb 2016

Robert Reich’s Ted Cruz Ad

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If you were thinking of supporting Trump, just watch this and see what an ultra-liberal democrat has to say.

12 Feb 2016

Ted Cruz Whacks Hillary

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Via Morning Joe: Ted Cruz’s latest anti-Hillary ad, 0:51 video.

11 Feb 2016

Anti-Trump Ad

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31 Jan 2016

Ted Cruz Ad Has Trump Dead to Rights

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22 Jul 2015

Rand Paul Takes on the Tax Code

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I don’t have much use for his pacifistic, isolationist, hippy dippy approach to Foreign Policy, but I think you have to give him credit for being spot on right about tax reform.

22 Mar 2015

“Stay Secretive, My Friends”

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From those wags at the Republican National Committee.

16 Jul 2014

Good Political Ad

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Somebody on Facebook also posted this political ad, ran last time around by Republican Roger Williams, who ran for the Texas 25th District Congressional seat and won.

19 Apr 2014

I Could Vote For This Guy

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18 Dec 2013

Very Effective 2014 Ad

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01 Nov 2012

The Adult Female Perspective

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Hat tip to Karen L. Myers.

31 Oct 2012

Michael Moore’s “Greatest Generation” Obama Ad (NSFW)

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Note that the “you stole the election” accusation (should Republicans win) are right in there.

Hat tip to David Ross.

28 Oct 2012

Yet Another Great Obama Ad

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It’s your fault, you see, that “sick people just die and oil fills the sea. … We haven’t killed all the polar bears, but it’s not for lack of trying. Big Bird is sacked. The Earth is cracked, and the atmosphere is frying. … Find a park that is still open, and take a breath of poison air. They foreclosed your place to build a weapon in space, but you can write off your au pair.”

This one wins the Pavel Morozov Award for excellence in brainwashing children.

Let’s get this one clear: I have no problem at all with the principle of leadership of society by an educated elite. I just think that this particular educated elite isn’t qualified to tell anybody anything, particularly how to live.

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