30 Jun 2011

“Snuff the Bleeping Puppies!”

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Repair Man Jack is fed up with democrat class warfare efforts at distraction.

If the majority of Americans really and truly believe that cutting the size of government, when struggling under $14Tr of national debt, equates to a desire to snuff puppies, we deserve a national default. If the majority of Americans truly believe they have a right to extract a loan for their tuition costs out of some other person’s paycheck, America is massively overdue for a well-deserved 2nd Great Depression. If the majority of people really believe the National Weather Service won’t just hire replacements from Korea or China; where students go to class at college sober, they are in for a grievous upset and disappointment.

Read the whole thing.

Hat tip to Jim Geraghty.

One Feedback on "“Snuff the Bleeping Puppies!”"


If changing corporate aircraft depreciation schedules were really a critical element in the budget, why didn’t the Dems do this a year ago when they held the majority? The answer is that it is so trivial it doesn’t matter — except as a means of diverting attention from focus on the really critical element — unsustainable spending.

Obama’s posture yesterday was like a man who has maxed out his credit cards telling his wife that his preferred solution is for her to get a second job so that he can increase his credit lines.


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