25 Apr 2012

Romney: “A Transformational President”


Ezra Klein notes that, if Romney wins, that means he’ll probably also deliver Republican majorities in both houses of Congress.

If Romney wins the election, it’s almost a sure bet that Republicans win control of both the House and the Senate. And that matters. Right now, the GOP’s agenda is the Ryan budget, and that’s entirely fiscal: It’s a premium support plan for Medicare, and tax cuts, and deep cuts to Medicaid, food stamps and other domestic programs. All that can be passed through budget reconciliation — which is to say, all that can be made immune to the filibuster.

So if Romney wins and the Republicans take control, they could accomplish quite a lot on party-line votes, even if their majorities are slim, and Democrats are opposed. Indeed, Romney could end up being a fairly transformational president for conservatives so long as he’s paired with a Republican Congress.

Not only will Romney most probably have Congressional majorities to work with, he will have a real mandate to do precisely all the things liberals like Klein dread, to begin the reduction of the size and responsibilities of the entitlement state.

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If he wins, and if he puts his pretentious conservatism into practice.


I only had to use one hand over my nose with McCain.

Maggie's Farm

Friday morning links…

Miracles Do Happen: Someone in Brussels Accurately Analyzes Europe’s Fiscal Crisis! Portland Pounces On Groupon – Oregon city stopping citizens from saving money in tough times. First Lady’s Spanish Vacation ‘Cost Taxpayers $500,000’ George Will:…

PacRim Jim

Mormons save America.
The Mormons as the repository of American values.
The irony is delicious.
In advance, I would like to thank Mormon Americans.


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