17 Nov 2005

Hey, guys, tell us what you really think

Many are boiling over with anger at Congressional calls for retreat from Iraq:

Dympha calls Senate Republicans a bunch of wusses, and refers to them as the Gang of Invertebrates.

Will Malven describes the behavior of 46 Republican Senators as Cowardice Under Fire:

They waited until the President was out of the country. They waited until he was in a plane 35000 feet in the air. They waited until he was unable to respond appropriately before betraying him. Then they abandoned him to the Democrat wolves.

Mark Steyn says: I would be in favor of wrapping virtually every Republican Senator in asbestos, and using them to insulate my attic.

Van Laskey, quoted in The American Thinker,

There is no more spineless group of men than our esteemed Senate Republican leaders with the exception of Allen and Santorum. Had Rockefeller gone to Italy prior to 1941 and told Mussolini that he thought that Roosevelt was planning to aid Britain he’d have soon been looking at the business end of a noose…

And Marines are especially disgusted by calls for American withdrawal from Iraq by former USMC colonel Congressman John Murtha.:

Gunny Bob declares that Representative John Murtha soils the Corps, and urges that

John “The Jellyfish” Murtha should be shunned by all Marines and, if possible, legal steps should be taken to prevent this betrayer from being buried in a national cemetery upon his demise.


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