17 Nov 2005

Reactions to Open Source Media

James Joyner at Outside the Beltway supplies a very informative collection of reactions and opinions on the launch of the new bloggers’ consortium.

Iowahawk adds a precis today (11/18) of the ” new multi-aspect business concept in which many of the top superstar and mega-hyper superstars of the internet blogosphere have formed a powerful alliance to create shareholder value, and piss off Ann Althouse. ”

Ms. Althouse is not amused, and takes a hard-core reductionist view of the plot:

In Phase A, various important blogosphere blogs are coerced into a mutual non-aggression pact under the auspices of the OSM directorate. This is very similar to NATO, but French people are excluded. In Phase number B, there is large alcohol party in New York, which is an important center for media business discussions. In Phase 3, the system creates values, which are translated into very large checks for everybody. In Phase number D, I drive my new yacht, the “Ha Ha Ha,” to a tax-free Caribbean island.

Dennis the Peasant is also very anti OSM and is blogging defiance. Roger L. Simon (11/19) explains Dennis’ dudgeon.

The notorious Frank J. (11/19) offers the consolatory promise to all of us without stock options: when I get my yacht, I’ll let you all look at it.

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