23 Nov 2005

PJM Saga Continues

It may not be a good sign that a PJM Death Pool is up and running. Hat tip to Ann Althouse.

Gordon Smith analyses whether Roger L. Simon actually formed a partnership with Dennis the Peasant. By some curious coincidence, hat tip to Ann Althouse.

More than we needed to know department: the frazzled Dennis spills his urine jar.

There is very lame satire to be had from a link supplied by left-wing stalkers of LGF, and slightly more amusing material here.

Better humor: It’s alive! Hat tip to Charles Johnson.

As to PJM itself, it’s been a week now, and apart from the name change, little seems to be happening. There is a site, whose organization leaves much to be desired, and whose content is very disappointing. Images of one not-very-enthusiastic web programming temp worker in an incubator office in Cleveland come to mind when one tries to imagine who is really running it all.

Best of the Blogs remains a wildly over-optimistic claim. I even tried to help this morning by tipping them off to one of my own more amusing posts, and the result was:

This site encountered an error trying to fulfill your request. The errors were:

Error Type
Error Value
invalid literal for int(): 1?tip_confirm=Thanks for the tip?tip_confirm=Thanks for the tip
Request made at
2005/11/23 07:33:01 US/Pacific

I keep hoping somebody is going to start kicking butts and getting things into gear over there.



4 Feedbacks on "PJM Saga Continues"

LGF Watch

1. LGF Watch are neither commies (how very 80’s) or stalkers. We just hate the kind of anti-Muslim bigotry that is displayed at that site.

2. The lame satire wasn’t ours (so much so that we commented that the picture was far funnier).

3. Fuck off.


I’m afraid you have a problem on your site. It loked pretty left to me. “Commie” is a term-of-art I often use for leftists.

LGF Watch

Mmmm looking at your site you look pretty right-wing? Am I silly enough to compare you to David Duke’s lot (not going to break Godwin’s Law by typing the ‘N’ word)? Nope. You could at least have the same decency.

PS as lame satires go, I think Pajamas Media is doing a pretty good job on the Huffington Post.


Alright, I’ll remove “commie” and replace it with “left-wing.” Or is there a particular term for a particular point on the political spectrum you would consider more accurate. “Progressive” is a non-starter.


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