30 Nov 2005

PJM Update

We were busy with other things, and fell behind on PJM coverage. A good summary which brings things pretty nicely up-to-date has been written by Mister Snitch.

Any undertaking on this scale, involving significant numbers of creative and temperamental people, was bound to feature conflict, drama, break-ups, and feuding. The newly launched site did prove surprisingly unfinished, and functionality, content, and organization were all initially wanting, but it’s easy to see that, bit-by-bit, improvements are occuring. I suppose the fundamental problem has been that producing one blog is very time-consuming, and the PJM principals have all continued to run their own renowned, popular, and important blogs, and have been consequently only left-handedly developing PJM. Skeptics need to remember that the PJM organization does include a very major share of the best talent existing in blogging. Those betting negatively over on PJM Death Pool may well wind up disappointed.

One Feedback on "PJM Update"

Mister Snitch!

You make some fine points. I don’t see PJM dying off, either.


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