06 Dec 2005

Rapper Wins Darwin Award

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Steve Zorn, a 22 year old rap performing resident of St. Paris, Ohio was drinking in celebration of an expected record deal (I celebrate my own expected record deals of an evening pretty frequently too), and finding his pen gun not working, naturally put the gun this head and triggered it, assuming this was perfectly safe. His equally-swift mother, Lisa McCoy-Horn, is reported to be lobbying lawmakers to outlaw pen guns, i.e. already pretty-universally-illegal small-caliber, single-shot weapons that resemble pens.

2 Feedbacks on "Rapper Wins Darwin Award"

Righteous Ron

How dare you imply that Darwin was correct. He was merely another 19th century adjunct to the Spartacists
and Karl Marx. Along with Freud
he should be placed on the ash heap
of history. Praise Jesus. The end of the world is nigh. Will you be taken during
the Rapture or left behind with all the other lefties?


Outlaw idiots, not guns.


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