09 Dec 2005

Harvard Publication Rivalry


Harvard red crimson in tooth and claw department:

Does Harvard need its own glossy life-style magazine for the sophisticated coed? Two Harvard sophomores thought so, and each produced her own.

Scene — a would-be Vanity Fair for 02138 Ivies, founded by a no-nonsense art history major who interned at YM in ninth grade — hit the Harvard campus Thursday morning [12/1]. Freeze — a CosmoGIRL! for the Crimson coed, founded by a fast-talking government major who’s into romance novels and Audrey Hepburn — launches Dec. 9. Both mags are written, edited, photographed, and designed by Harvard undergraduates. Both are light reads, downtime diversions with columns on sex and clothes modeled by students.



To readers from Scene co-editors Emily Washkowitz and Rebecca Kaden:
”We think of Scene as what is missing from the standard Harvard tour. It is not Harvard as reputation holds, but the Harvard as we, the students who make it, know it. It is an attempt to capture the detail — to portray the events, the people, the passions and the talents that make up the experience that we are all a part of.”

To readers from Freeze editor Thea Sebastian:
”I believe in escapism. I believe that world politics and micro-finance are important, sure. But sometimes, we all need to relax. . . . Fundamentally college kids need something their OWN. They need a periodical that specifically targets THEM — and bridges that crucial gap between Friday night football and 9-5 America.”


Scene’s New York chic: from ”Wearing Deco”

”The Chrysler Building is an icon of the Manhattan skyline. But for Lewis A. Remele ’06, an Art History concentrator, it’s an inspiration for a cocktail dress.”

Freeze’s Boston schtick: from ”10 Perfect Dates in Boston”

”The Mapparium: One of Boston’s most awe-inspiring sights, this is an absolute must for any winter date.”


From Scene’s ”The 10 People on the Scene You Ought to Know”

”Jack McCambridge is probably the most widely known name on the Harvard campus. He seems to do everything — a leader on the Harvard Concert Commission, involved in the UC and the Harvard AIDS Coalition, President of the Fox, the list goes on.”

From Freeze’s ”10 Hot Harvard Men”

Peter Wood on his first kiss: ”I was in eighth grade at the time. I vividly recall spending about an hour the night before making out with my hand to practice.”


From Scene’s ”Ready for Takeoff”

”Where is a hipster to turn for some cerebral pop music? Chances are Sufjan Stevens didn’t come to mind for most people, but it’s about time that you make that adjustment.”

From Freeze’s ”Embarrassing Moments”

”One day, in the middle of the summer, my friend dared me to take off my entire bathing suit, while swimming at a horribly crowded public beach. . . . Well, to make a long story short, we searched for my bikini pants for about an hour.”


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