22 Dec 2005

Blogging Right versus Blogging Left

Tas laments:

Allow me to illustrate the differences in attitude that the left and right sides of the blogosphere have towards small bloggers.

On the right, Instapundit shows how small bloggers are embraced.

    CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAY ADVICE to blog readers: Don’t do this here, as I don’t need it, but go to one of your favorite blogs and make a donation or send an appreciative email. Especially one of the smaller blogs, where the attention is especially likely to be noticed and appreciated. There are a lot of blogs out there, and the bloggers with low traffic often work just as hard as the ones with big numbers. Let ’em know if you like their work.

And on the left, Atrios lobs F-bombs at us if we dare to question the authority of our side’s larger blogs.

    While fully acknowledging that nothing and no one is beyond criticism, that people have perfectly valid complaints about things, that with great power comes great responsibility, and that the world is not the perfect meritocracy we all imagine it to be, at some point I have to say – get the fuck over yourselves and ask yourselves why you’re doing this.

Longtime Mouth readers know that I’ve always had problems with the lack of recognition that members from our side give to each other. I think it leads to important stories and commentary to be buried, and the talents of those being buried could help our side score political victories. Yet if I or somebody else complains about this, we’re labeled as whiners and those who feel like their being eregiously attacked morph straight into martyr complex mode.

And on the right…? Hey, small bloggers are welcome! No insults thrown.

Does anybody else see a problem with this? With our sides seeming lack of openness?

All this has implications which Tas is probably going to continue to overlook.

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There’s more impliications than you know, and probably more than I know of, too. As I just emailed to a blogger friend about this post:

Sigh. I didn’t want any of this to happen. I saw the post from Glenn a few days ago, had some thoughts on it, quoted Atrios and published the post. I had the feeling that publishing it might start trouble, but thought, “Nah, I haven’t been receiving much attention from blogs lately.” Simply saying that I blew that call is an huge understatement. When I was troubleshooting why my site went down, then it came back up and I saw a comment about the Instalanche, I thought, “oh shit.”

What’s even worse is that, with the CPU time complaints my webhost has been giving me, this traffic is sure to push me over the edge. I could be in “sit back and wait until the plug is pulled” mode now.

As I see them…

Implication #1: This alvalanche of traffic could have my webhost, who is already pissed off with my traffic levels, pulling the plug on my blog. I’ll find out tomorrow if I’m in trouble or not. So when I say that I didn’t want, or mean, for this post to be broadcast, I really, realy mean it. Heh. Next time I’ll learn to keep my mouth shut.

Implication #2: A repeat of this post. Like I mentioned in the ost linked by Glenn, I’ve had this nature of blogging discussions before on my blog. There’s too many posts on the topic to mention, so I’ll just say that a handful of bombbshell posts are listed under this taxonomy term from my blog.

Implication #3, 4, 5, 6, etc.: ??? Not sure if I want to see the answer right now.


You just need a different hosting service. What’s the fun of having a blog, if when Glenn Reynolds links you, you can’t gloat happily over getting a few thousand hits?


One day I think that bandwidth will become much cheaper, like memory and storage have become.

“When will then be now?”

: )


This attitude uncannily mirrors that of the two ideologies. The right values the individual over the collective, smaller government, and authority based at the lowest level possible. The left however values collective identity, bigger government and top down authority. The riht believes that the indivdual has wisdom, the left believes in wisdom from on high.


Gahrie is certainly right.


And you can get a domain hosted for $8-10 a month. If you need PHP and SQL, you will have to pay around $15.

Become fabulously popular, and you can sell advertising, and make a profit.

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