27 Dec 2005

Conservative Blogs the Left Reads

Kevin Drum of Washington Monthly confesses grudgingly to reading the following list of (allegedly) conservative blogs:

    The Volokh Conspiracy

    Professor Bainbridge

    Dan Drezner

    Andrew Sullivan

    Bull Moose

    Joanne Jacobs


    Asymmetrical Information

    Obsidian Wings

    Marginal Revolution

    Outside the Beltway

    Ann Althouse

    The Corner

    Belgravia Dispatch

    Begging to Differ

    Just One Minute

    Unqualified Offerings

    Winds of Change


A list of conservative blogs overlooking

  • Little Green Footballs
  • Power Line
  • Belmont Club
  • Michelle Malkin
  • (among others) is an unsatisfactory list, since it omits all of the most important conservative blogs with a single exception (Instapundit).


    Some people do think that Andrew Sullivan, Belgravia Dispatch, and Dan Drezner are conservative blogs. We do not.


    Claiming that Bull Moose and Obsidian Wings are conservative is just delusional.


    We did not know Marginal Revolution, which seems to be an Economics blog with a Free Market perspective, and which looks very good, or Begging to Differ and Unqualified Offerings, which we will make a point of looking in on.


    Hat tip to Ann Althouse, who says I’m not conservative, but who seems mistaken about that to us.


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