08 Jan 2006

Liberté Chérie: the Libertarian Movement in France

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Sabine Herold
Sabine Herold

Joel Shepherd, Australian Sci Fi author, profiles France’s most prominent Libertarian organization, and introduces us to its photogenic heroine, Sabine Herold, the ideal nominée for la République’s next Marianne.

Liberté Chérie (liberty most-cherished) is a liberal think tank comprising of 2000 members in cities throughout France. It’s far from the only libertarian organisation in France, but it is perhaps the most prominent… it functions like an information and PR centre for the promotion of the concept and philosophy of libertarianism…

(Its) first brush with fame came two years ago, during one of Paris’s predictable general strikes that paralysed the city. Liberté-Chérie called for a counter-demonstration, against the strikers. A little publicity was expected to draw perhaps a few thousand people — instead, 80,000 exasperated Parisiens arrived.

Hat tip to Paul Belien found via the succinct, but talented, Glenn Reynolds.

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