10 Jan 2006

Leftist Science

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John Cole‘s commie blogmate Tim F. alerts us to what he calls an excellent commentary on global warming by Stirling Newberry which proves to be (of all places) on Daily Kos. Newberry is basically gloating over the conversion to at least one aspect of the PC position on Global Warming and storm activity by a former skeptic, and he concludes prescriptively:

The response is carbon neutrality – to move away from burning hydrocarbons and coal for energy. Carbon is a rock, most of it should be in the ground.


Of course, speaking accurately, carbon is really a chemical element, which does make up a large percentage of the composition of a tiny proportion of the chemicallly complex kinds of things we usually speak of as rocks, and which also makes up a large portion of the composition of many other things, including, most conspicuously, all living things on the planet. The left has a talent, often remarked upon, for seeing to it that a great many of a certain kind of carbon-based animate form do wind up in the ground, so I suppose one should view a call for measures limited to one sort of fossil fuel as relatively modest in its ambitions, speaking historically. I am afraid, however, that I do find the prescriptive belief that coal should be left lying in the ground just a trifle superstitious.

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Man, could you try inserting some FACTS into your posts? It would help in situations where you are intellectually outclassed, a la this exchange with Newberry.


I expect Mr. Newberry is highly respected in the leftwing circles of people who are unable to distinguish elements from rocks, and to whom the repetitious, and inapropos, use of the Antipodian slang verb “whinge” successfully passes for wit.


Great title. AltaVista search…your #1!

Looking for the compendium of stupid. If you’ve got it, let me know.


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