19 Jan 2006

Blogosphere Correcting MSM on Fake Photo

Thomas Lifson at American Thinker rubs it in:

Yesterday, we caught Slate cluelessly recycling the fake photo the New York Times posted to its home page last Saturday. In less than an hour, Slate removed the photo without comment. Then AT pointed out their lack of decency in failing to acknowledge their publication of a fake. Slate eventually added a paragraph explaining their error.

Time Magazine needs to broaden its sources, though. It repeated the same error, as noticed by blogger The Spirit of Entebbe and several emailers.

The MSM, which is best referred to as the antique media, have a general disdain for the blogosphere, often citing their own “fact checkers” and layers of editors. It turns out that the peer review function of the blogosphere, lnked by instantaneous email and suffused with the ethic of admitting and correcting mistakes, is far, far more effective than the creaky 19th century bureaucratic model in use at places like Time Magazine, and even websites like Slate staffed with antique media personnel.

The antique media death spiral accelerates.

And who can blame him?


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