07 Feb 2006

Vivat Inquirer!

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I’m from Pennsylvania and I’m proud that my old regional newspaper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, published at least one of the Danish cartoons, when the yellow-bellied, hypocritical, National Security-betraying, so-called paper of record, the New York Times, would not. Good work, Inquirer!

Remember what Henry David Thoreau said. Read not the Times; read the eternities.

Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds.

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The prophet mohammed is a symbol of good manners , respect , including the
” real respect ” for ” women`s rights” . I`m a muslim woman and I love my life because I know that my religion owners me through my life . and any one who desrespects this prophet , he is really desrespecting all prophets and their message which is knowing the purpose of being on this earth , which is building this planet and worshipping God and it is that simple !!


Mona there is no respect for muslum women in the musum world. We americans are fighting to give you respect that your own religion and country does not forgo you. Secound disrespect does not deserve a beheading or a stoning of a women. Your belief is that to disrespect God is to deserve the death penalty, and you belive your god tolorates this. He does not. All muslums whom teach this or follow these beliefs will parish in the end.


You know why Democrats are not threatened by the right wing anymore? It’s because of you….you can’t even spell. And you believe we are fighting the war on terror to save Muslim women from Islam. HAHA…keep it up…I envisage a long tenure of Democratic power coming up. But alas, I know the Dems are too stupid to take advantage of the weak Republican party right now. What hope does the Republic of the United States of America have when it is lead by two parties riddled with morons for leaders whom you and your blog so emblematically represent. Keep up the posts because as long as the right has people of your mental caliber trumpeting their cause, I feel secure that the good ‘ol USA is safe from your idiotic hands.


oh and by the way…you have an ad for a Muslim matrimonial site featured on the right side of your blog…way to go again moron!


Google’s ad system selects ads related to specific posts and uploads them. I can login to my Google advertising account and prohibit particular ads, and have sometimes done so, but since I have not been looking at this older post recently, I have never seen the ad you mention.


You think “Vivat” is a misspelling?


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