15 Feb 2006

University of Washington Doesn’t Want to Produce Marines

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Like WWII Medal of Honor winner alumnus Pappy Boyington, at least, in the opinion of one of the members of its Student Senate.

WorldNetDaily reports:

The University of Washington’s student senate rejected a memorial for alumnus Gregory “Pappy” Boyington of “Black Sheep Squadron” fame amid concerns a military hero who shot down enemy planes was not the right kind of person to represent the school.

Student senator Jill Edwards, according to minutes of the student government’s meeting last week, said she “didn’t believe a member of the Marine Corps was an example of the sort of person UW wanted to produce.”

Ashley Miller, another senator, argued “many monuments at UW already commemorate rich white men.”

Senate member Karl Smith amended the resolution to eliminate a clause that said Boyington “was credited with destroying 26 enemy aircraft, tying the record for most aircraft destroyed by a pilot in American Uniform,” for which he was awarded the Navy Cross.

Smith, according to the minutes, said “the resolution should commend Colonel Boyington’s service, not his killing of others.”


Student Senate Minutes

Previously noticed by The Jawa Report


This is absolutely appalling, of course, but what makes it worse is the consideration that these students’ values and opinions (and level of historical understanding) are typical of the products of just about all our universities today. Jill Edwards and Ashley Miller could be representative spokespersons for pretty much any enclave of the American university-educated upper middle class from Brookline, Massachusetts to Berkeley, California. It is enough to make one wish it were possible for the rest of us to stand aside, and let the representatives of the New Caliphate pay a visit to the University of Washington.

At least, we can smile at the million dollars worth of free publicity this story is going to be worth to that university, and the thought of how its administration will squirm. I will wager that Pappy Boyington will get a really nice memorial at his alma mater out of this before this is true. He certainly deserves one.

Historical sidelight: Greg Boyington was renowned not only for his skills as a fighter pilot, but for his abilities as a ladies’ man as well. If Jill and Ashley could somehow have had the opportunity to run into him (on terms of age and generational equality), one suspects a good time would have been had by all, and the young ladies would emerge from the experience with a much more positive opinion of the desirability of University of Washington marines.

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“This is appalling, of course” scarcely does the subject justice. What is troubling to me is that such utter lack of historical perspective, such complete inernalization of moonbat sensibilities, can pass with no outrage, no sense of shock. A weary, “oh no, not another one” is all we can muster.

This was the sense of the student Senate, not the rantings of the few. Think on that for a moment and be afraid. Be very afraid.

If we really are to have any hope of preserving the nation it is time to start waging the war of ideas on the university campuses. Concession of the academy to the those who hate Western Civilization and all that it stands for cannot go unreversed or we will, very soon, see a collapse of national cohesion.

An idle wish that we could stand aside and let the jihadists have their way with these young idiots is far from the point. We have already let fools and charlatans prepare the way for them, and they will be along to collect shortly. We have already stood aside – it is high time to go and take the campuses back.

TJ Jackson

The actions of the student leaders do not represent the whole of the alumni nor student body but only their own twisted and warped values. At least we can rest assured that they will never have monuments errected to them.

George S

What ever became of this issue? Did the monument ever get built?



A “ladies’ man”? I read Col. Boyingtons book and had a friend who flew F4Us in VMF 214 and other squadrons. Col. Boyington, for his virtures, had difficulty handling his liquor, tongue, and wives, and was a party to multiple disciplinary problems and divorces. He was a skilled pilot and American patriot. And, he destroyed many enemy planes for which he received honor, glory, and treasure.

Col. Boyington exhibited both virtues and failings. For many, he is worthy of great honor. Understandably, others are not so quick to do obeisance.


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