24 Feb 2006

East Anglian DNA Sought for Research Project

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The BBC reports:

300 volunteers to donate DNA to trace the ancestors of modern-day East Anglians.

The team at the University of East Anglia wants volunteers who were born in the same place as their parents and four grandparents.

As part of the People of the British Isles project they want to trace the influence of invaders from the Celts and Romans to the Angles and Saxons.

Volunteers from Norfolk or Suffolk will be asked to give a small blood sample.

The DNA will be extracted from the sample and used by geneticists to build the Norfolk and Suffolk part of the map.

The only criteria are that volunteers must be over 18 and born in the same part of East Anglia as their parents and all four of their grandparents.

Researchers at the university’s School of Medicine hope a genetic map of the UK will improve understanding the causes and prevalence of inherited diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

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karen hemmingham

I had an email this morning, via DNA Heritage, about an East Anglian Geographic DNA project. I presume it came to me because I administrate a DNA Project for an East Anglian surname: Dorling. Is your project connected to this EA Geographic Project? If not, would there be any mileage in sharing information?

It is being publicised by Group Administrator: David Weston thurlow@one-name.org. There is a website which the following information is from:
Project Background:
This site has moved to http://www.geocities.com/thurlowons/eagdna/

The East Anglia Geographic DNA Project is for anyone whose paternal (YDNA) OR maternal (mtDNA) ancestry traces to the southeast region of England, collectively known as East Anglia.

For the purposes of this project East Anglia is defined by its historical boundaries (Ref. Wikipedia East Anglia), which include the counties of Suffolk (SFK), Norfolk (NFK) and Cambridgeshire (CAM); plus northern Essex (ESS) and southeast Lincolnshire (LIN

Dorling one-name study & Administrator of the Dorling DNA Project


You need to contact the researchers at the University. I’m only a blogger posting a BBC story.

kalsum omari

I would like to have a dna test fr myself as soon as possible please.


Try FTDNA.com


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