25 Feb 2006

New Cartoon


Described as circulating on the Internet by Le Devoir, a French Québécoise paper.

“A believer wounded by the unbelievers. An unbeliever wounded by the believers.”

It’s by Delize, and probably appeared in Le Monde or France Soir. The same Delize did the earlier “Relax, Mohammed” cartoon in France Soir.


Hat tip to Matthias Storme.

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This cartoon appeared on Yahoo France, as i am working for them since four years. Yahoo asked me to delete it from the site after three hours, telling me they were afraid of being sued by islamic associations in France. First time for me to be censored (i draw political cartoons since 1983).


It is good to hear from you.

If there are any new cartoons you think my modest (primarily American) readership should see, plese send me an email, and I will post them.



dont do drugs and try to stay out of this


Well i think that muslims around the world should be respected and its not that funny. I believe everyone has a right to express them selves yes but something soo cruel should be kept to you and no one else and yeah thanks for ur time.


we dont like islam .
we want freedom.
we hate islam.


WONDERFUL JOB, beautifully drawn and thought out. Thank you for not cowering to the murderers.


Everyone gets made fun of, but after about 1400 years it’s time to grow up and stop murdering people over butt cartoons*. Nobody’s above ridicule, and the minute you start saying, “I’m special!” and killing the guy/woman/child across the street for it, countries start itching for an excuse to drop a nuke on your head.

*Charlie Hebdo’s latest cartoon, 9/18/12

Steven Olwyn

I am an atheist who is of the opinion that anyone who is stupid enough to believe in a myth desreves whatever they get including ridicule.

However, honest Mulsims (like anyone else) should be allowed to go about their business in freedom so long as they don’t interfere with others but not the fundamental Islamists, most of whom cannot read and have not read the Quran. If they had, they would realise that the Quran is far less inciting of violence and far more tolerant of others than the Christian Bible.

The attack by the west should not be on Muslims but on the Imams and others who distort what is written in the Quran for their own violent purposes, none of which has anything to do with the words of Mohamed.

One of the problems with many Muslims (as used to be the case with Christians) is that they wish others to observe their beliefs and laws and, if there is no other way, they will ‘persuade’ by force.

It needs to be said that there probably would not be these problems if was not for the unreasonable intollerance of the Jewish state and Jews in the U.S. who have a stranglehold on the U.S. Government. If the U.S. Government could shake itself free of Israel and force the country back to its borders, many of the world’s problems would be solved.


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