28 Feb 2006

Leftism as Death Wish

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Vasko Kohlmayer argues (not unpersuasively) that Leftism represents Western civilization’s death wish:

History unambiguously shows that all great civilizations collapsed as a result of internal weakness. Coming to their end by self-destructing, they in effect committed suicide. Sigmund Freud posited the existence of a death drive in individuals. It is my contention that a death drive also runs through whole civilizations.

Everything we see around us indicates that the Left is the West’s instrument of self-destruction and, in fact, the incarnation in our time of the deleterious force that ultimately brings down great civilizations. The Left is the material manifestation of the West’s death drive.

Even as individuals commit suicide by drowning or shooting or some other such means, so the West is in the process of committing suicide by the Left.

2 Feedbacks on "Leftism as Death Wish"

jackie martling

Jesus buddy, why don’t you lighten up a little bit?

george Gallo

The paraphrase of “Democracies fail when the public learns it can vote itself largesse from the public treasury” is perfectly clear when viewing the US in the new Millennium.


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