05 Mar 2006

Guantanamo Transcripts, Section 22, Case 2


SN# 342 – 5 pages – Detainee: M (Saudi Arabian)

Reasons for Detention:

M was arrested by Pakistani police in Quetta 25 November 2001. M. was identified as a member of Al Qaeda by several witnesses. He is reported to have been a member of the security team assigned to Al-Nashri, Al Qaeda Persian Gulf commander linked to the attack to the USS Cole. He is reported to have been the manager of the Al Qaeda guesthouse in Kabul. He is reported to have been on a Taliban airplane carrying fighters to Northern Afghanistan. He was identified as an Al Qaeda member by a former guard at Osama bin Laden’s complex in Kandahar.

From December 2000 to November 2001, he traveled extensively. His passport records his visiting Saudi Arabia (several times), Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Syria, and Malaysia. A Malaysia stamp was used by Al Qaeda in passport forgery used to eliminated evidence of travel to Pakistan and Afghanistan. His passport stamp record conflicts with information reported by Saudi Arabia.

Detainee’s position:

Denies everything. Declines to take Islamic oath.

JDZ Conclusions:

Clearly an Al Qaeda terrorist. I would not consider releasing him for a moment. He is probably an accomplice in capital crimes.


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