21 Mar 2006

Get the US Out of the UN; and the UN Out of the US, Say I



Today, the forces of planetary political correctnesss are celebrating an “International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination,” but don’t suppose that is intended to mean white farmers should be permitted to own farms in Zimbabwe.

No, the poster reference is a Lego, the product of Denmark’s best-known company, and the form that racism is purportedly taking is colored red, like the Danish flag.

Sandmonkey gets it right.


The Blogosphere wins another one. The Lego poster was taken down.

3 Feedbacks on "Get the US Out of the UN; and the UN Out of the US, Say I"


United Nations is a freeloaders paradise, with bullshit and hot air and little achievement, yes we should get out of it, and kick its ass out of the building in New York and use it for something useful.


Its time to pull out of the UN and have absolutly nothing more to do with the UN its not for world peace we should evict the whole UN from our soil and tear down those UN building their real eyesores

Kathy Jo Wistert

I will never soften up towards the UN.
Not Ever! We absolutely MUST defund
the UN and Get the US, the Heck out of the Danged UN, NOW! and we must
absolutely work to impeach president
Barak Obama,NOW!


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