04 Apr 2006

Why Did They Take Out Tom Delay?

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It’s very simple. Just look at this chart from Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle’s admiring profile of Nancy Pelosi. Tom Delay was the House of Representative’s champion fund-raiser in the 2004 House elections, managing to donate $981,278 to Republican colleagues.

Delay’s K Street Project reversed 40 years of the Washington lobbying establishment overwhelmingly financially favoring Democrat candidates. The turn-around effectuated by Delay moved K Street from contributing 70 percent of its campaign funds to Democrats and 30 percent to Republicans to 60 percent Republican, 40 percent Democrat.

It was all about the money. Delay out fund-raised them, and worse, Delay moved lobbyist campaign contributions in the direction of the GOP. Elimination of Delay is a centerpiece of Democrat strategy for a return to power and long-term Congressional dominance.

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I cannot help but think that the Democrats are going to regret this move because Delay is now a man who believes he has a mission greater than just being a politician. The Dems have unleashed The Hammer in an environment over which they have no control.


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