05 Apr 2006

Andrew Sullivan Gloats


Andrew Sullivan (foreign transplant, defector from Conservatism, and spokesperson for a special perspective) gloatingly took the occasion of former House Majority Leader Tom Delay’s announcement to rub it in, titling his little screed “ding_dong” (the witch is dead) in archest friend-of-Dorothy style:

You know it’s bad for the GOP when National Review and Instapundit barely mention the big news of the day.

From some reason, whenever I read Andrew Sullivan, the famous scene in The Maltese Falcon in which Sam Spade gives Joel Cairo a lesson in manners has a tendency to spring to mind.

One Feedback on "Andrew Sullivan Gloats"

Repack Rider

Sullivan is trying to make up for his support for the Iraq invasion by becoming a born-again anti-war activist, and after having corruption rubbed in his face for five years, he has finally noticed it. DeLay is a soft target, since he epitomizes every aspect of the corruption that led us into a bogus war, but Sullivan should have taken his “principled” stand when it counted.

It’s easy to be right now, but those of us who were right three years ago deserve an apology from Sullivan et al.


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