17 Apr 2006

Anniversary of the Bay of Pigs

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Today is the 45th Anniversary of the Bay of Pigs Invasion, which could have effectuated the liberation of Cuba, but failed due to the inexcusable cowardice of one American official. Cuba has lived under tyranny, and the United States has lived with shame, ever since.

Babalu Blog has published a must-read tribute for the occasion. Every conservative blogger should read it, and link it.

In it, Robert Molleda quotes Humberto Fontova’s book Fidel: Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant:

Fontova mentions that Brigade 2506 was outnumbered by Cuban troops by almost 40 to 1! Two-to-one, or three-to-one are staggering enough odds, but forty-to-one? Nevertheless, it took the Soviet-backed Cuban forces three entire days to defeat a group of 2,000 men, and this was only after they ran out of ammunition. If only Kennedy would have provided the air support as he had promised, there would have been no Missile Crisis, no brutal dictator 90 miles to our south, and no author of this post (my parents met in the U.S.).

Hat tip to Gaius Arbo.


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