17 Apr 2006

New Mohammed Cartoon

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An Italian conservative Catholic magazine, Studi cattolici [Catholic Studies] (Pretty darned conservative, no web page!), informally associated with Opus Dei, published in its March issue a cartoon alluding to Dante’s Divine Comedy Canto XXVIII (which places Mohammed in Hell), in order to make a satirical comment on contemporary Italian politics.

Despite the fact that Mohammed is not even illustrated in the cartoon, its publication produced the now-predictable Islamic howls of indignation, and the equally-predictable Occidental cringing.

Opus Dei’s prelature, represented by Manuel Sanchez Hurtado, resorted to boot-licking:

It is one thing to appreciate Dante’s Divine Comedy and a very different thing to joke about this particular scene in the present climate and in a Catholic magazine,” said that Opus Dei communications director. While the prelature is not directly responsible for Studi Cattolici, he said, the editors responsible had apologized for the illustration and Opus Dei leaders wanted to “unite ourselves to this request for forgiveness.”

Cesare Cavalleri, the editor who published the cartoon, apologized,

Cavalleri was quoted as saying the vignette “was interpreted as being anti-Islam when, if anything, it was a denunciation of a cultural identity crisis in the West,” the Italian news agency ANSA quoted Cavalleri as saying. “In any case, if, contrary to my and the author‘s intentions, someone felt offended in his religious feelings, I willingly apologize as a Christian.”

But some detect a possible note of saracasm in his apologizing, “as a Christian.”

In the characteristically valiant fashion of the MSM, today’s news reports have universally omitted publishing the controversial cartoon.

Associated Press did present a tiny, unintelligible image of the wrong cartoon. Malcolm Moore in the Telegraph mistranslated it, and misidentified the respective speakers.

Michelle Malkin, who is doing her characteristically thorough coverage, asked for a translation, and here it is:

Dante: “There, split in half from head to cheeks, isn’t that Mohammed?”

Virgil (balloon 1): “Yes, he is divided, because he sowed divisions in society.”

Virgil (balloon 2): “And that one there with his pants down, that’s Italian policy towards Islam.”

The relevant text of Dante, and a better illustration (by Gustave Doré), can be found by clicking this button in the right hand column.

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Steve Bodio

Good post David– of course. Kick ass for the West!

I have linked to you and will put you on my blogroll shortly.

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Mary crum

Muslims can sure dish it out but they themselves can’t take it. We need to stop grovelling at their feet. This is beyond ridiculous.

Robert 'Standing Eagle' Marshall

The sheer lunacy of it all is that “Muhammad” isn’t even shown, he’s only mentioned–utterly ridiculous!

In the Christian’s Bible they are commanded to not praise “craven images” of which they immediately threw out the window by depicting pictures of Jesus, him on the cross, etc, etc, etc… And you don’t see them violently taking to the streets whenever somebody does a caricature, cartoon, or satirical depiction of him. And for this the Muslims call the Christian faith an abomination and false.

While the Muslims strict adherence to displaying NO images of their beloved prophet allows them to literally kill any transgressor is deemed lawful. While expressing to the world-at-large that they are a “Religion of Peace” is insulting to our intelligence and ludacris!


Great Cartoon
Have no doubt that’s where that false satanic prophet muhammad is anyway
probably there with his underage wife eating a ham sandwich with maggots (It’s hell right?)
Look at all the people murdered, tortured, raped, made slaves and forced into islam under torture
548 jihads BEFORE the 1st Crusade and THOUSANDS afterwards!
Yeah, because of that filthy False Pig prophet muhammad


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