23 May 2006

Lipstick Parties an Urban Myth?

Gin took the slender shaft of the tube in her palm.

For several years now, stories that the progress of today’s flaming youth towards perdition has reached the point where girls in middle school are routinely expected to provide oral sexual services to boyfriends have been appearing regularly in the MSM.

This news meme has culminated in stories of Lipstick, or Rainbow, Parties in which several girls, wearing different lipstick colors apply the same to you-know-what. An enterprising author of teen fiction has even produced a Young Adult novel, titled Rainbow Party, complete with suitable moral.

Cathy Young, in this month’s Reason, blames the Clinton-Lewinsky Oval Office hijinks for producing a national oral sex fixation, and dismisses the phenomenon as an urban legend, quoting 2005 National Center for Health Statistics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study statistics.

(I’ve always wondered why journalists of both the Left and the Right think teenagers answer questions for such studies truthfully? I would expect boys to lie in one direction, and girls in the other.)

I asked the teenage daughter of a college friend about all this, and she said she thought this sort of thing did go on, just not as much as the press accounts suggest.


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