26 Jun 2006

European Brown Bear Shot in Bavaria

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Efforts to restore the European brown bear (Ursus arctos arctos), a close relative of the North American Grizzly bear, in the Alps have proven too successful.

The first brown bear seen in Bavaria since 1835 appeared about seven weeks ago, travelling in an Alpine circuit passing through portions of Italy, Austria, and Germany.

Unfortunately, the two year old male bear, which apparently came from Italy, proved a bold and persistent predator, wandering into habitated areas, and killing in the neighborhhood of 25 sheep and four goats, many rabbits and chickens, and at least one guinea pig. He also raided beehives. “This animal didn’t just kill when he was hungry. He had a lust for killing,” said Anton Steixner, a South Tyrolean official.

Attempts were made to capture the bear, dubbed “Bruno” by the German media, with the intention of releasing him in a remote sanctuary. Trapping attempts proved unsuccessful; and finally, as the bear was concluded to represent a serious hazard, a hunt was authorized.

Bruno was shot by a group of Bavarian hunters at 4:50 AM near the town of Zell. The authorities intend to have him mounted and placed in a museum in Munich.

Moonbat environmentalists and bleeding-heart animal sentimentalists predictably are upset. A businessman who printed up hundreds of Bruno “You’ll Never Catch Me” t-shirts plans to sue.


Quite unsatisfactory Reuters video – If you look very closely, you do see a shot of the carcass of the bear.


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