22 Jul 2006

Mean Intel Contractor Fires Nice Lady

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Pouting Spooks pal Dana Priest yesterday reported the sad tale of Christine Axsmith, former internal blogger on the classified Intelligence Community intranet, who claims to have been fired by her employer, CIA contractor, BAE Systems, for posting on July 19th on her blog that “Waterboarding is Torture, and Torture is Wrong.”

The lady claims to have “recreated” the offending post here, on a newer public blog.


From my perspective, it would be agreeable to think that hard-as-nails Intel community contractor supervisers compete to see how many bounces they can get tossing out onto the parking lot each and every employee venturing to post liberal bromides on-line, but who are we kidding? Real government officials these days go a lot farther than editorializing. Some disclose highly classified national security programs for publication, while others conduct major disinformation operations intended to bring down an elected administration, all without meaningful consequence.

How likely is it that anyone would treat the sentimental vaporings of this dim middle-aged female as grounds for anything more than a dismissive snort?


Nonetheless, Dana Priest’s little story is getting its share of play:

Laura Rosen

NY Times


One Feedback on "Mean Intel Contractor Fires Nice Lady"


Oh, better yet: that isn’t the real reason she was fired, but it does get more attention than admitting that she read reports she should not have and discussed them on inappropriate forums. Yeah, not as media friendly, huh?


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