02 Aug 2006

Five Foot Alligator Taken in Montana Pond

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An eleven year old boy fishing in Shady Lane Pond in Kalispell, Montana, a less than tropical location, hooked a 5 foot, 60 pound alligator, which was subsequently brought ashore and dispatched by a crowd of local Montanans.

The question is: how did the alligator manage to reach that size without encountering a Montana winter?

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I have done some research on this issue. I have gotten contact information that people need to go to (ie Sheriff & Corrigan) To better get this issue resolved. Please help me in my efforts. I am a 4th generation Montanian and Not all of us are this horrible. We care too! Help me with my efforts please!

Address: 800 South Main Street County Courthouse Kalispell, MT 59901-5435
Phone: (406)758-5503
Fax: (406)758-5865
This is Sheriff Jim Dupont’s E-mail address. in this news article the reporter typed that “there were no charges pending” (picked from the news article)

Flathead County
Ed Corrigan
P.O. Box 1516
Kalispell MT 59903-1516
The case is under investigation and will ultimately be submitted to County Attorney Ed Corrigan.

If anyone has the time, please E-mail these two people about this incident. The more voices heard then I know something could be done about it. Charges could be brought down on the people involved in this incident.
The links on both articles are:



new articles on this issue the people invovled in the slaying have yet to be charged for anything and from the sound of it they wont be any time soon. But the owner who was on vacation when this all happend is being charged $735.00!!!

These two people (DuPont & Corrigan) are the ones who will ultimately be the ones to pass any charges against the mob involved in this slaying.

E-mail them!!! Show them what you think and how you feel it should be taken care of! One voice is never heard it takes a shouting crowd to get things done!!!
Please help me!

Thanks again for your time in reading this.


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