10 Aug 2006

Like A Rock

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Paul Bedard, in US News, reports that the results of a Republican National Committee survey indicate that Republican voters are every bit as mobilized as the moonbat left.

81% of Republicans say they are “almost certain” to vote this coming November, and another 14% say they are “very likely” to vote.

93% of Republicans have “extremely strong feelings” on issues related to the War on Terror.

96% of Republians have “extremely strong feelings” on domestic issues including taxes, cultural values, and health care issues.

Republicans support President Bush by an 88-11 margin. And, faced with the democrat alternative, Republican voters support even this Republican Congress by an 84-6 margin.

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Why am I not surprised by the republican voice w/ regard to the November election. No matter how idiotic the views and ideas of the their leaders, republicans do not have a choice but to stand together as a party. Come on, they can’t very well say that they are truly embarressed by a man that they voted for to hold office for 2, 2 terms. His father was more intellegent than him and they only supported him through 1 term. My husband has told me many many times that Americans are stupid. I think he may be on to something. They can be made to believe any ole damn thing. I think it is so sad because the more intellegent part of the world has had to deal w/ a cowboy and an I-d-I-o-T for the last 6 years and can really stop taking us seriously now. They most likey think that America’s substance abuse problem has become an epidemic based on the leadership that we’ve chosen for the last 6 years. I don’t take us seriously. If the primary election in Conneticutt hasn’t shown us that some Americans are finally coming to their senses and dissing anyone that makes us all look like a bunch a gabage batch kids, or three stooges than I guess it will probabley take another tragic episode for Americans to be waken from the sleepwalk or coma they’ve been in for the last 6 years. Bush is making an absolute jackass of this country. World leaders everywhere are wondering if the U.S. has lost it’s mind. We are half way around the world attempting to solve everyone elses problems, but yet we need someone to intervene and help our retarded asses, and save us from ourselves Because, let the truth be known, We Don’t Know What The Fuck We’re Doing.


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