13 Aug 2006

The Left Evaluates UK Airline Plot

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Daily Kos ran a poll on the UK Airline Terrorism Plot, which produced these results:

The thwarted U.K. plot

1. was legit. 792 votes – 49 %
2. was more drama from BushCo to keep us all afraid. 811 votes – 50 %

1603 Total Votes


The frightening thing is that they do really let all these impaired people vote.

3 Feedbacks on "The Left Evaluates UK Airline Plot"

Good Ol' Sallie Parker

These impaired people didn’t believe it either when the Metropolitan Police staged their phony ‘IRA bombings’ year after year after year. It seemed most peculiar that the IRA were always attempting, but never succeeding, in killing a person of consequence.


Oddest thing to ever come out of your mouth? ,


Amish deserves to get the last word. ,


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