05 Sep 2006

Latest Democrat Strategy: Voting Felons

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The NAACP is acting as the democrat party’s proxy in pushing for restoring the right to vote to convicted felons. Doubtless, democrat strategists’ thinking has been influenced by the narrow margin of the 2000 presidential election, and the close contests in several states in 2004. Add another 98,000 brig rat democrat voters in Tennesee in the 2000 election and Gore wins 1,079,720 to 1,061,949. Now they’re playing the race card and pulling out all the stops to get those extra votes.

Jackson (Tennessee) Sun

Montgomery (Alabama) Advertiser

The small number of convicted criminals who have really reformed, and who may be capable of playing a constructive role in the political process, are adequately served by existing pardon and restoration of rights programs. We have more voting fraud than we need already without the introduction of one more ethically unconstrained democrat voting base.

Should he really be deciding our elections?

One Feedback on "Latest Democrat Strategy: Voting Felons"

Scott Drum

In the State of Washington in 2004 the election for governor was decided by the votes of felons and the deceased. Evidently there is something about serving time (finite or infinite) that turns one into a Democrat.


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