09 Sep 2006

Liberal Majority on Senate Intel Committee Adopts Pouting Spook’s Press Releases

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The merry gang of former John Kerry supporters in control of the US Intelligence Community under the Bush Administration have produced two extremely partisan reports, establishing that they were right all along: Saddam Hussein was perfectly harmless, had no WMDs, and had nothing to do with Al Qaeda or terrorism generally, and Bush lied.

These conclusions are reached by the artful selection of data, and by systematically dismissing the sources of all evidence to the contrary of a preferred reality as unreliable on a variety of questionable bases. This source spoke to the Press, that proves he’s lying. And that source took a job with the Iraqi opposition, obviously he was always peddling propaganda on their behalf. If you throw out every piece of evidence you don’t like, using any convenient rationalization, it isn’t difficult to arrive at the conclusions you desired all along.

The reports were adopted, and amended, in a series of partisan votes, in which so-called Republican Senators Olympias Snowe (Maine) and Chuck Hagel (Nebraska) voted with the democrats.

New York Times story

The Reports:

Postwar Findings on WMD Programs and Links to Terrorism

Report on Information Provided by the Iraqi National Congress


AJStrata notes that media establishment journalists can’t read.

Now I know why journalists get their stories so wrong so often – they lack basic reading comprehension skills. With all the hoopla about the Senate Intelligence report supposedly saying there were no ties between Saddam and Terrorists (despite Iraq documents which log the training of thousands of terrorists, and notes regarding meetings with Al Qaeda) it might behoove people to read them for themselves.


Flopping Aces quotes some sources the reports overlooked:

Like the 2002 Congressional Resolution authorizing the use of force against Iraq.

“Whereas members of al-Qaida, an organization bearing responsibility for attacks on the United States, its citizens, and interests, including the attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, are known to be in Iraq…



I’m still weeding through this “report”. First impressions I got is that it seems to read as if it were trying to convince me that Saddam had no ties to Al Qaeda as if by repeating over and over again I would descend in to a state of BDS and start a new liberal blog…

Our Senate Intelligence Committee could care less about getting to the truth, for the Democrats on the committee it was just another way to get Bush, nothing more, and nothing less.

One Feedback on "Liberal Majority on Senate Intel Committee Adopts Pouting Spook’s Press Releases"

Jersey McJones


Good ol’ cognative dissonance – it never melts.

You just can’t accept that all you Rabbling Rightwing idiots have been proven wrong, wrong, wrong – time after time after time. From the endless failures of laizzez faire capitalism to the senselessly conceived and implemented “War on Terror,” from the most un-American colonialism and creation of aristocracy, to the most un-Constitutional selective assaults on the equality of the Estates and the Rights of the American citizenry, every single initiative the Right has taken has led to failure and misery.

And history marches on. Not one great, positive event, movement, or victory can be attributed to people of your ilk – to conservatism and conservatives.

Not one.

Come 2006, it’s bye.

Come 2008 it’s bye, bye.

Congratualtions, it took you idiots a record time to disgrace yourselves before the Republic and the entire world. Just as it was for the anti-war conservatives of a couple generations ago, just as it was for the commie witch-hunters who fought a purile political battle that was long over for generations, it’s time to say goobye and good riddance – see ya’ in another couple generations, it’s back to the dark woods of paranoid, insecure, ignorant, stupidity for you.




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