12 Sep 2006

Report: Bin Laden Planning Nuclear Attack on US Soil This Month

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According to Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir (Bin Laden’s biographer, and the only journalist to obtain a Bin Laden interview post 9/11), Al Qaeda has successfully smuggled and deployed in the United States nuclear weapons, along with “many kilos” of enriched uranium to be used to produce “dirty bombs.”

An attack on a major US target is rumored to scheduled for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, beginning this year on September 24. Previous rumors suggest that Los Angeles (or, at any rate, a location in California) may be the intended target.

In an interview with Al.Arabiya.net, reported by Aki today, Hamid Mir said that on a recent trip to Afghanistan he heard Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters speaking of an imminent attack on the United States “larger than 11 September 2001 attacks.”

Al Qaeda is reported to have enough material for six dirty bombs already in the United States.

Three suitcase nuclear bombs are said to have been smuggled from Russia into Europe. The bombs were said by an Afghan official to have been supplied to Al Qaeda in revenge for US support of the Afghan rebels against the Soviet Union in 1980s. The bombs were last believed to have been in Italy in 2000. Al Qaeda’s original intention was to use Chechen terrorists to smuggle them into London, Paris, and Los Angeles.

The leader of the impending US attack will be a Saudi national named Adnan Al-Shukri Juma, student of nuclear engineering formerly employed at the 5-megawatt nuclear reactor for research at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. A so-far-unsuccessful manhunt has been underway for Shukri Jumah since 2003.

In a Canada Free Press interview last May, Hamid Mir said that Bin Laden placed 42 sleeper agents in the United States prior to September 11, 2001. 19 were used in the 9/11 attacks, and 23 are still waiting to be activated.

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The theory that Al Qaeda would undertake a major attack at the end of 2006 does fit perfectly the timetable of the famous Seven Phase Plan.


The LA Times story gives more information on the suspected plot leader, and a different way of spelling his name: Adnan Gulshair Muhammad el Shukrijumah.

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Pierre Legrand’s Pink Flamingo Bar » Fun stuff at the end of a day…

[…] By the way for you lunatics who are starting to claim that the war is over and we won. Consider this report out today by the journalist who got the only interview with Bin Laden after 9/11 who is now claiming that Al Qaeda is planning a nuclear strike the end of this month. Yea I know bullshit but then again, anyone with any sense knows we have not wiped out all of those who are fighting us. Anyone with sense knows that far from wiping out the sponsors and nations harboring terrorists we have found excuse after excuse to leave them alone. Nations like N.Korea, Iran and Syria have the money and power to project terrorists. We have already proven that we will not believe any state can be behind terrorist attacks by all the shenanigans our CIA, Government and Press went throught to prove that Saddam wasn’t involved in terror. If you believe that this behavior will cause any nation considering terror attacks against us to reconsider then I have a bridge in Manhattan I want to sell you while it is still standing. […]

Pajamas Media

Is Bin Laden preparing a nuclear Ramadan offensive inside the US?…

David Zincavage notes reports from Pakistani journalist -and Bin Laden’s biographer- Hamid Mir, who says that al-Qaeda has successfully smuggled and deployed in the United States nuclear weapons, along with “many kilos” of enriched uranium to be u…

“7.62mm Justice” » Nuke Attack For Ramadan?

[…] Never Melted Yet […]

John Leharn

Crusade Media reported a good article in June 06 regarding Al Qaeda Nuclear Weapons capabilities and warns of impending attacks as Al Qaeda having giving numerous warnings over the years as required by Islam.


Brianna Riggio


I am emailing you on behalf of KCET’s Life & Times Blog (a Los Angeles area PBS station). We have launched this site to foster a venue where people can express their views and engage in a dynamic and educated discussion about provocative issues of the day going on in Southern California. We have posted a link to your website (https://www.neveryetmelted.com/?p=1560) as a link to our “Nuclear Attack Plan” story (viewable here: http://www.kcet.org/lifeandtimes/blog/?p=190). We are in the process now of generating more traffic to our blog and creating more buzz in Southern California and were hoping that you could post a link to our blog on your site so that both of us can give our readers more resources on the web. Please let me know what KCET needs to do to have our Life & Times Blog posted as a link on your site. Thanks for your time.

Brianna Riggio
Editorial Intern
KCET, PBS Station

Charles Andrew

Has anyone heard that in response to Bin Laden the U.S. has plans to abandon Washington, D. C. and is using a network government (fault tolerant) to handle various government funtions and this explains the plans for Penn State University, which is Navy Related and has a fortified communications system in deep trenches is being rapidly constructed. It was chosen assuming that nuclear debris would go out to sea and still be safe and only 4 hours from Langley and other areas of interest?


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