11 Oct 2006

That Lancet Study

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No one not professionally involved ever reads any studies, as the left understands only too well. But leftists control a great many prestigious academic positions, institutes, and publications, and have all the allies they could possibly desire in the mainstream media. Consequently, we are continually, at decreasing intervals, subjected to the shabby and contemptible tactic of the appeal to the purported facticity of yet another carefully contrived research study.

Figures lie and liars figure. And today’s sophisters, calculators, and economists habitually design the methodologies, choose the selection basis of the data, project the extrapolations, massage the numbers, and juggle the math. Then, hey, presto! out pops the great Herr Professor authority figure, waving his formulae in our face in precisely the manner of the witch doctor menacing a tribe of gaping savages with his rattle, and we too are supposed to fall to the ground and bury our faces in the dust, grovel, and obey.

The moonbats are barking with joy over what is becoming an election year tradition: the Lancet-published, Johns Hopkins-produced, October-released study of Iraqi war casualties, currently headlining in all the MSM, including the New York Times.

It is particularly sad to see so famous a medical journal as Britain’s Lancet, reduced to serving as leftist propaganda organ, but no wonder. Just look at that journal’s editor, Richard Horton raving at a leftwing rally. Horton is manifestly an extremist opponent of the Iraq war, who has previously damaged that journal’s reputation by publishing sensationalist junk science.

The Iraqi casualty study pre-election press release was invented by Les Roberts in 2004. Roberts ran unsuccessfully in the democrat primary this year in the 24th Congressional District in New York (Utica and neighboring environs). Gilbert Burnham, the 2004 second chair, took the lead this year.

Some of the better responses to this nonsense come from:

Mark Coffey

Texas Rainmaker

and Gateway Pundit

But the definitive answer came from an Iraqi, Omar Fadil:

Among the things I cannot accept is exploiting the suffering of people to make gains that are not the least related to easing the suffering of those people. I’m talking here about those researchers who used the transparency and open doors of the new Iraq to come and count the drops of blood we shed.

Human flesh is abundant and all they have to do is call this hospital or that office to get the count of casualties, even more they can knock on doors and ask us one by one and we would answer because we’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.

We believe in what we’re struggling for and we are proud of our sacrifices.

I wonder if that research team was willing to go to North Korea or Libya and I think they wouldn’t have the guts to dare ask Saddam to let them in and investigate deaths under his regime.

No, they would’ve shit their pants the moment they set foot in Iraq and they would find themselves surrounded by the Mukhabarat men counting their breaths. However, maybe they would have the chance to receive a gift from the tyrant in exchange for painting a rosy picture about his rule.

They shamelessly made an auction of our blood, and it didn’t make a difference if the blood was shed by a bomb or a bullet or a heart attack because the bigger the count the more useful it becomes to attack this or that policy in a political race and the more useful it becomes in cheerleading for murderous tyrannical regimes.

When the statistics announced by hospitals and military here, or even by the UN, did not satisfy their lust for more deaths, they resorted to mathematics to get a fake number that satisfies their sadistic urges.

When I read the report I can only feel apathy and inhumanity from those who did the count towards the victims and towards our suffering as a whole. I can tell they were so pleased when the equations their twisted minds designed led to those numbers and nothing can convince me that they did their so called research out of compassion or care.

To me their motives are clear, all they want is to prove that our struggle for freedom was the wrong thing to do. And they shamelessly use lies to do this…when they did not find the death they wanted to see on the ground, they faked it on paper! They disgust me…

This fake research is an insult to every man, woman and child who lost their lives.

Behind every drop of blood is a noble story of sacrifice for a just cause that is struggling for living safe in freedom and prosperity.

Let those fools know that nothing will stop us from walking this road and nothing will stop our friends and allies from helping us reach safe shores. There’s simply no going back even if it cost us more and their fake statistics will not frighten us…our sacrifices, like I said, make us proud because our bloods are not digits in those ugly papers. Our sacrifices are paving the way for future generations to live the better life we couldn’t live.

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Mark Zanger

As I roll about on this billowing mattress of words, I still feel the points of a few small steel needles of fact: The Iraq invasion was unnecessary, has been expensive beyond all predictions, and is dissolving even as we discuss it into a civil war which will force the US to retreat or call in international reinforcements. To pursue it as we have has cost us influence elsewhere on the Globe, so now our old enemies North Korea have an atomic bomb test. This is a situation rapidly escaping the ability of all the king’s sophists and all the king’s apologist to reassemble. In what net of sophistry will you safely land? I’m afraid a stab-in-the-back story to beggar Hitler’s will be necessary, and I regret seeing my friends pulled down so, scraping the farthest walls of the Internet for words of consolation as the milk pours irretreivably out of the broken bottle.

Balloon Juice

[…] Only 421 people? How can they possibly know whether it works in every case from this? Why should we accept these facts? David Zincavage explains it all for us: […]


Well, I guess we have a choice. We can believe MIT, Johns Hopkins and Lancet, or we can believe you and George W. Bush. For many, many millions of Americans that is an easy choice.

Care to conjecture a figure of your own? Maybe the number is only 100,000 dead people. A mere pittance.


Will someone please assure me that this is a satirical blog?

As a conservative, I had wondered why some conservatives made fun of you and this blog. So I checked and read a few blog entries.

Two words: Good grief. I felt increasingly embarassed as you went on. It’s no wonder why whiny liberals declared them as the “reality-based” folks.

Please stop blogging, I beg of you. Please stop giving liberals the ammos.


Which conservatives would those be? I’d love to read their material. I’d even like to read your conservative sentiments. Where would I find them?


J Daniels

Since you ask:
“Which conservatives would those be? I’d love to read their material. I’d even like to read your conservative sentiments. Where would I find them?


I agree with you that leftists, but not conservatives, are blinded by their ideology. Only leftists would conduct research or write essays to discredit the President and his grand war on terror.


Balloon Juice

[…] Of course, as we all know, polls are biased and, as one of our esteemed readers stated, “Figures lie and liars figure.” In general, I don’t support impeachment, in large part because I still believe in the power of the Republican spin machine. If the Dems come into power, the spinmeisters will try to portray them as ‘crazy Bush haters,’ and I would hate for the Dems to blow a shot at 2008. I really think we need the Dems to win in ‘06 and ‘08 so the GOP can have some good time out of power, clear out the rot, do some soul-searching, and get back to the basics. Howver, if the Democrats win, and become as ruthless and nasty as the Republicans have been for the past ten years, it will be well-deserved, and I can point to my friends on the right that I warned you all repeatedly. Will it be good for the country? I don’t know, but considering this GOP has not cared about the good of the country for a while, it won’t be much of a change for most of us. […]


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