15 Oct 2006

Muslim Hacking Attacks on Papal Web-Site Fail

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Militant muslims planned a coordinated hacking attack last week on the Pope’s web-site, as yet another expression of Islamic indignation at the Pope’s recent speech arguing that religious faith cannot be legitimately coerced.

Not altogether surprisingly, in this technological battle between a reactionary Western institution embodying the outlook of the Scholastic Middle Ages and adherents of the backward cult clingng to the moral and cultural values of the Middle Eastern Dark Ages, the former won. As at Tours in 732, as at Jerusalem in 1099, as at Lepanto in 1571 and Vienna in 1683, the green crescent flag went down in confusion and defeat before the Cross.

Daily Mail

No Feedback on "Muslim Hacking Attacks on Papal Web-Site Fail"

Dominique R. Poirier

Perhaps those angry Mulsims were expecting the Pope converts to Islam as a form of undisputable proof of his sincere apologies?


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