29 Oct 2006

Write a Novel in November


There’s still time to sign up.


All this is not as crazy at it sounds. There is a book associated with this annual event by Chris Baty, titled: No Plot? No Problem!

The whole affair (book and annual contest) is really an exercise in learning how to write, by building confidence that obstacles can be overcome, and by establishing firm and productive work habits.

Look at it this way: the November writing project does demonstrate annually that it really is possible to produce some kind of novel by only a month of determined and persistent effort. So if it really would take most of us a few more months to produce anything worthwhile, it is still good to realize that the work is really finite and well within the capabilities of a great many of us.

Hat tip to Steve Bodio.

One Feedback on "Write a Novel in November"

Dominique R. Poirier

Sorry, but I find this idea absurd, let alone the way participants are expected to work on their… “projects.”

I guess this is supposed to be considered as a form of “art,” but, instead, all I can see in it is best known under the names: counter-culture, or “alternative-that or this.” Regretfully, all those things do little, I think, for self-improvement and progress, quite on the contrary. The most likely is that it shall produce mediocrity and, perhaps, at best, shall help seasonal mood disorder coming ahead of schedule.

No, thank you; really.


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