08 Nov 2006

Seeing the Unseen


Bill Whittle is avenging our electoral misfortunes by torpedoing a number of the left’s favorite talking points.

Part 1

Hat tip to LGF.

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Dominique R. Poirier

Sorry, but it is intellectually too challenging for me. At some point I have to acknowledge I felt somehow overwhelmed and I attempted to go to the end of the text in order to know what the author’s point is, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t differ much from the beginning for me (I’m not joking this time).
To be frank, I have had exactly the same trouble with philosophy and metaphysics in general and with authors such as Kant, Bourdieu, Heidegger, in particular. It seems it is a matter of turn of mind, or intellectual capacities I lack of.

Is the author saying he doesn’t like Bush, or the contrary? What’s this submarine story is all about? Is there a common point between the fighter plane and the submarine? Well, it’s morning in here, and I just woke up. So, I’ll make another attempt latter this afternoon and, pehaps…

Meanwhile, if someone is willing to post a comment offering a synopsis or something, it would of a great help for me.

P.S. Sorry, David, but not all your readers graduated at Yale.

Dominique R. Poirier

Hi, it’s me again.

Everything’s fine now. I didn’t pay attention enough to the map and to the title “Seeing the Unseen”, first this morning; and so I couldn’t grasp it was all about a treasure hunt with hidden messages, conundrums, cypher-something, and a personal nuclear submarine as prize.

Wow! Good idea! I like it and I’m waiting impatiently for the Part II.

Dominique R. Poirier

I’m working hard on the conundrum right now, and what I found until then is that believing that the submarine is the prize seems to be a false assumption. I admit, I have been tricked by it. In fact, everything in this conundrum is based upon tow things: a submarine, and a plane.

I explain why and how.

First, you have noticed that the whole text is purposefully confusing, and that, in order to make the matter trickier, its author introduced in it plenty of numbers relating to subjects as varied as plane performance, economics, time, and else. At first glance, all these numbers seem unconnected one with another, and I guess they are. But most of these numbers relate overwhelmingly on the submarine and on the plane.

So, from this on I focused my researches on the submarine, first, til I noticed that the author made numerous incoherent references to “Bush”. So, since George Bush has little to do with submarines and all the rest of the conundrum, it occurred to me that it was perhaps something else.
I attempted to find something with that idea in toying with the letters B.U.S.H., which, once reverted, say H.S.U.B., or H. SUB. Frome then on, and since the whole thing has begun insistently on a submarine story, I asked to Yahoo! Search what “H SUB” or “SUB H” could offer to me. I found nothing, first.
But things turned to be totally different when I made a try with Submarine H. This time I got plenty of answers all referring to the same submarine; a little submarine named H Hunley Submarine whose all screw members happened to be Masons!

Here is what I found about this submarine:

“One of the major historical events that occurred in Charleston happened in February 17, 1864, when the Confederate submarine, H. L. Hunley, commanded by Lt. George E. Dixon, sank the Union blockader, Housatonic, an accomplishment way ahead of that day and time. This was the third crew to make an attempt to sail a “torpedo” that operated underwater. The first crew sank the sub at the dock, and five of the eight crewmen drowned. Next, Horace Hunley accidently sank the sub in the middle of the harbor, killing himself and seven others. Bro. Hunley was a Master Mason, who served as Secretary of Mt. Moriah Lodge #59 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Other Masons involved were: James R. McClintock (Mobile, Ala., #40), William Alexander (Mobile, Ala., #40), John R. Fretwell (Lavaca Lodge #36, Lavaca, Texas, and Grand Master of Texas, 1868), and Edgar Singer (Lavaca Lodge #36).”

From then on, I noticed that the author of the conundrum made some references to Abraham Lincoln and Ulysse S. Grant somewhere at the end.

Then I focused my attention on this plane about it the author is very insisting. At some point, I wondered why the author made a point in adding this picture of a F-102 fighter, til I noticed this number 61283 on the tail, and… you know what? 61283 is a prime number!

For a while, I took a look at the aerial map the author took care, not only to add to the text, but to offer to the reader the possibility to zooming on.

Is that a deceptive trick, or is there something to find on it?

I don’t know, yet, and I’m still working on that question.

Then I noticed that the author made a point in writing some words in bold characters. So I spotted all those words and put them one after another in accordance with the order the author gave it. Surprisingly enough, something intelligible could be found here. Although the meaning is obviously cryptic it is intelligible once words and phrases are separated into groups. See bellow:

see the unseen

The messenger is not the message.

Somewhere in Texas, a Village is missing its Idiot.
F-102 Delta Dagger.

No Blood for Oil!
spelled out

two or three days.

You Can not Simultaneously Prevent and Prepare for War — Albert Einstein.
Give Peace a Chance
War is not the Answer

Doves think the choice is between fighting or not fighting. Hawks think the choice is between fighting now or fighting later.

Victor Davis Hansen

Bush Lied, People Died.

You cannot just count the hits and not record the misses.
every single day

not a peep.

Support the Troops — Bring Them Home Now!


One of the most striking sentences is “Bush Lied, People Died Here” because it provides confirmation of the hypothesis of the H. Hunley submarine. It means truly : “Sub H lied, People Died Here.” That’s exactly what happened to the little H. Hunley. that sunk and lied at the bottom at Charlotte where the screw perished.
But there is also there strange phrase, which states “The Messenger is not the Message Fourth.”

Is the Part II going to tell us more? That’s what we’ll discover in the next episode of this thrilling series.

Coming soon on your screen!

Don’t miss it!


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