20 Nov 2006

Pelosi and Alcee Hastings

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Byron York wonders (along with the rest of us) if Nancy Pelosi will turn over oversight of US Intelligence to the man she voted to remove for corruption from the federal bench.

One Feedback on "Pelosi and Alcee Hastings"

bettie walden

i stay so distressed most of the day watching for strange cars pulling up in my driveway, phone calls in the middle of the night, rubbing my empty arms because i just needed to give my soldier one more hug before he got on that plane heading for iraq. so, this is my opinion. nancy pelosi, joe biden, john kerry, charlie rangel and the mouth from the south hillary clinton really never cared what america thought when they voted for them. we were hoodwinked (not me though, if they got hit by a truck and they were laying in the middle of the road i would step over them to go to my mailbox.
they are complete idiots. they want to be in power so bad that they will tell you anything and how bad this administration is doing all because they want the big chair. please, these people are not intrested in america’s needs, hopes and desires. they won’t even have their staff answer their emails. but here is the funny part. if i emailed them that i had $100,000 to donate to their cause they would drive personally to my house and pick it up.
look, let charlie rangels grandchildren be the first to be drafted. didn’t john kerry get in trouble not long ago for what he said? where are the american people? are we so passive or caught up in our own little crisis or is it because he’s black?


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