27 Nov 2006

New York Bachelor Party Shooting

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Sean Bell, the unfortunate groom-to-be, shot by undercover NY police in the aftermath of his bachelor party at the Kalua Cabaret strip club in Queens made a serious mistake, according to this FOXNews report.

(One) undercover (officer), thinking there was about to be a drive-by shooting in front of the club involving Bell’s group, followed Guzman, Bell and two others to their car.

“It’s getting hot! Something’s going to happen! Something’s going down!” the undercover radioed to his backup.

He hurried to the front of Bell’s Altima, which was parked on the side of a nearby street, and jumped in front of it.

That’s when the undercover put his right leg up on the hood of the Altima and began screaming that he was a cop, the sources said.

The cop was leaning over the hood of the car to try to see the hands of the people inside and make sure they didn’t have any guns, they said. But Bell floored the gas pedal and headed for the cop, the sources said, striking him and badly cutting his knee.

One of the Altima’s passengers — who possibly had a gun — jumped out of the back of the car, the sources said.

Around the same time, an unmarked Toyota Camry driven by a plainclothes police lieutenant and another cop behind him pulled up, but overshot Bell’s car. A police van with an officer and the narcotics detective then managed to block Bell’s car in.

Bell’s Altima first struck the police van in the driver’s desperate bid to escape, then backed up and struck the roll-down metal doors of a commercial building behind him. He then revved his car again toward the undercover — which prompted the cop to scream, “He’s got a gun!” and start firing, according to the sources, with the bullets passing through Bell’s car.

“The undercover thought they had more than one gun. He thought they would do anything to get away. He was yelling, ‘Let me see your hands!'” one source said.

The other cops, thinking they were under attack, started firing at the car, too.

Unfortunate, and doubtless a classic example of poor police marksmanship and gun-handling, but one is forced to face the fact that choosing to attempt to run down a police officer was a very bad decision on Mr. Bell’s part, resulting in Mr. Bell himself bearing the primary responsibility for subsequent unfortunate events.

One could not help reflect that if only the unfortunate shooting victim had previously viewed this helpful Chris Rock video: How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked By Police, he might have avoided making that particular fatal mistake.


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