02 Dec 2006

Paris Theodore, 9 January 1943 – 16 November 2006

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Renowned holster manufacturer (Seventrees Ltd.), and supplier of specialized covert arms (Armament Systems Procedures Corporation) for government agencies, Paris Theodore died on November 16 last of multiple sclerosis at St. Luke’s Hospital in New York.

In 1966, he founded Seventrees Ltd. a much-admired company producing holsters designed for convenience and concealment. His holster company led to the design and production of other products, including firearms, intended for the use of covert operatives in extreme situations.

Theodore’s best-known design was the ASP 9mm Parabellum pistol which introduced the “Guttersnipe” sight (beveled channel running down the top of the gun) clear grips (revealing magazine contents) and the forefinger grip (since widely adopted in many semi-automatic pistol designs). The ASP’s motto was “Unseen in the best places!”

He will be missed.


Wall Street Journal

NY Sun

The “Quest For Excellence” ASP Special Edition

ASP 2000 9mm Pistol A Tribute to Paris Theodore

5 Feedbacks on "Paris Theodore, 9 January 1943 – 16 November 2006"

Dominique R. Poirier

Doubtless Paris Theodore has enjoyed unexpected opportunities to follow practical courses on psychiatry.

Will Vladimir Putin and the whole corporation of the junk guns manufacturers close their shops owing to bereavement?

See also my previous comment on that matter here:

Mike Sandlofer

Paris was a patriot who will be missed

mr smith

I was fortunate to have carried an ASP during the 1970’s. It was the finest hand gun, I was ever issued. It was like holding what, I imagined, Marylin Monroe would be like. I feel ever so foolish now, as I had the option to buy it on my retirement for $200.00. It was a dream to shoot and just a handkerchief wipe, would clean it.


You missed a deal. They go for very big bucks today.


I want one very badly and I’m willing to pay handsomely…


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