21 Dec 2006

More English Babies in 2006 Named Mohammed than George

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St. George, patron saint of England

The Telegraph reports that, in 2006, there were born in England and Wales 2,833 babies called Mohammed and 1,422 called Muhammad for a total of 4255, versus only 3386 named George.

The Church of Our Dear Lady in Dendermonde, Flanders (Belgium) features a late 17th century pulpit, sculpted in wood by Mattheus van Beveren, upheld by angels who are treading underfoot the false prophet Mohammed, who is leaning on the Al-Koran.

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I doubt very much that those Mohammeds are English. I’ll bet the majority of them are Paki.

Muhammed Erman Suay

Welcome to HELL

Science is a product of GOS' infinite Knowledge

I would like to express absolute disgust with your presentation and comments on such pictures. If this statue was truly conveying such message then it just shows that such people are ignorant. The prophet Mohammed PBUH is a man who has changed the world, forever in the most beautiful ways as ordered by GOD (read the Quraan if you don’t believe me). The so called christians (who are fanatic in their nature that they dont even want to hear that GOD is only ONE, neither male nor female is no human, nor does he have a son or a mother or any of that nonsense), who have changed what Jesus PBUH (another human like Mohammed PBUH and all of us, only they were messengers from God almighty). Absolute rubbish…


those lies above what comment it deserve , I don’t know . But it is evident that God’s prophet is not in the sculpted , cause not a picture nor a statue of him is available for somebody to replicate Moahammed . It is only because God knows in future people of Devil will emerge from hell and do such thing that harm his beloved prophet . so I can only laugh on you ! to have such an idea , the knowledge itself is too primitive, is just like a stone age man talking about an cosmonaut . so better try to improve your knowledge on Islam , or be the same ,is your will your destination . you will be one among those belivers who thinks the sin of eating an apple(against the will of God ) will be cured by killing the son of god .How blind you are . A small sin is cured by doing a larger unimaginable sin ? ???
Think ! Think And Think


the animal who tagged the picture will burn soon


tell you something write your home adrress on the wall … i am ready to come to you and teach you lesson how could you respect the greatest character in the world.


burn in the hell


denmark and holland will burn and sink on the hell soon


muslims ,,, ask your god to throw the kafer who tagged the picture in the hell


mohammed was a crazy left wing wako
who was nuts


mohammed is burning in hell


I would just like to say to the person who tagged that picture. That I was raised muslim and I never was taught to hate or talk down on any religion. I just feel bad for people with such cruelty and hatred for something they dont understand. Funny, you didnt hear any critism from muslims when the world heard about what the priest were doing to kids, and you’ll never either because we were taught to love not hate……….

farid n

you have to be ashamed of yourself to insult a religion in the cherche

farid n

and you have to be ashamed of yourself to insult a religion in the cherche

one idea

mohammed sent by “allah ” and he is a ptophet you like it or not .
we are muslim belives in all prophet starting from “noah ” untill mohammed . those who are disrespect mohammed will wish if they were muslim or just saying “shahadh” only once in their lifetime beleive
who doesnt want safe him self thats another subject


If they were born in the UK they’re British not “Paki”


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