11 Jan 2007

“A Convict Nation of Liars”

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Australian Grand Mufti Taj El-Din Hilaly thus recently described his adopted country.

Speaking in Arabic on Egyptian television Sheik al-Hilali said, according to a Seven Network translation, that white Australians arrived in the country shackled as convicts.

“We (Muslims) came as free people. We bought our own tickets. We are entitled to Australia more than they are,” he said.

The mufti was on the Egyptian chat show explaining the controversy last year over his comments likening immodestly-dressed women to uncovered meat.

But according to the translation, he said the controversy was a white conspiracy aimed at terrorising Australian Muslims…

But while the convict jibes might be forgiven by some, as they are when levelled by English cricket fans, the sheik’s comments are expected to cause outrage in some quarters – especially the claim that white Australians “are the biggest liars”.

The mufti told Egytpian television that outrage over his controversial meat sermon was “a calculated conspiracy”, that started with him, “in order to bring the Islamic community to its knees”.

He also said “Australian law guarantees freedoms up to a crazy level”, when reportedly referring to anti-Muslim courts and the harsh sentencing of a Muslim gang rapist in Sydney.


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