31 Jan 2007

Herouxville, Quebec Issues Standards of Behavior, Offending Muslims

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The town council of Herouxville, Quebec in response to Islamic immigration passed for public information a declaration of local social norms, which among other things declares:

French version

English translation

nous considérons comme hors norme.., tels le fait de tuer les femmes par lapidation sur la place publique ou en les faisant brûler vives, les brûler avec de l’acide, les exciser etc.

Their English translation was slightly bowdlerized (doubtless to spare the tender sensibilities of liberal Anglophone Canadians) thusly:

we consider that killing women in public beatings, or burning them alive are not part of our standards of life.

But what it really says is:

we regard as contrary to conventional behavior, such activities as killing women by public stonings or by burning them alive, or burning them with acid, circumsizing them, and so on.

The BBC reports that Canadian Muslims are insulted. Of course they are. How do you suppose residents of Quebec can possibly imagine that anyone would do such atrocious things?

8 Feedbacks on "Herouxville, Quebec Issues Standards of Behavior, Offending Muslims"

Pat Rawlusyk

As a community of Canada, you have finally stood up for what the majority of us Canadians think. Well done Herouxville!!!!!

Nesta Primeau

Herouxville! Your stand against interpersonal atrocity makes we want to visit.

Your simple declaration – come join us in this civilization, this century – speaks to hearts.

Nesta Primeau

ralph weber

keep up the good work, it seems that any culture can come to this country destroy our beliefs and religion, walk all over our rights and thats ok, but when we speak up about our rights we become racist. They dont believe in our holidays but the I dont hear them complain about the paid holidays. And further more christmas is christmas not happy holidays. Keep christ in christmas as is the canadian belief, tradition. If people dont like our beliefs, stay home

david wootton

Hurrah for Herouxville !!!

At last, someone and someplace is making a stand against the mistaken evil policies of both Trudeau and Mulrooney that have lead our country and society down the drain for the last 25 years. No one asked us, the Canadian people, if we wanted free trade or multiculturalism. It was assumed that we did by the eggheads in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal and it was shoved down our throats. Now we are made to live with the unintended results and look like racists etc by our so called liberal media because we don’t want to give up our way of life and adjust to that of others – and we should not have to.
This evil also comes from big business which is unhappy that Canadians don’t want to work as slaves and live in huge soulless cities like Toronto – just look at the hundreds of sterile condos that they are building in their downtown – they expect human beings to live and thrive in these !! To them, it is too costly to decentralize to places like Herouxville. Our goverments are also complicit in this evil against the people. They claim that it is too costly to provide the infrastructure so that people can live normally as human beings in our smaller cities and towns as we have always done. For example, the liberal government of Ontario has publically stated its goal to convince Ontarians not to want or even expect to live in the detached family home since it is too costly both environmentally and economically. We, the people must become aware of and vigilant toward the evils which are out to destroy our society.
Governments should be developing economic policies so that the family unit can thrive and grow in numbers, things such as cheaper land whose price is controlled by developers and scarcity caused by 1950’s land severance laws. We are the second biggest country in the world and we should not have a land scarcity problem. When we are encouraged economically to raise families again, we will not have this contrived need for immigration that only solves the problems of government and big business.

Yours truly,

David Wootton

Lois Sutch

I second your thoughts Ralph Webber, Merry Christmas. Lois Sutch

Tom Pohl

Anybody coming to a new country should behave as being invited to somebody’s home. You don’t ask to move furniture, complain about food or bad music, you appreciate the way things are otherwise you will not be invited again. It is our way of living that is at risk. I am sick and tired of reading the soon to come “happy holidays” and “season’s greetings”. It is Christmas and has always been Christmas. If you don’t like, feel free to go to another country where you can celebrate whatever you wish to.

Greetings from Vancouver

jerome ricketts

Well done people of Herouxville. I congratulate you on your stand regarding this issue of muslim women covering there faces. Most canadians feel the same way as you. If we went to there countries to live we would have to obey there laws so those people should follow our rules and regulations . Keep up the good work.


I am so pleased to see you take this very appropriate and (in these days of flaming liberal spit-spewing hate-mongering leftwingers) courageous step. A step in the right direction, don’t give in. You have much support in this here in the US.


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