06 Feb 2007

Ralph de Toledano, 14 August 1916 – 3 February 2007

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Ralph de Toledano, circa 1950
Ralph de Toledano, circa 1950

Ralph de Toledano, one of the most prominent figures of the Conservative Movement during the 1950s and 1960s, died in Washington on Saturday at 90 years of age. He wrote a major newspaper column, appeared on radio and television, was one of the founders of National Review, served for twenty years on the editorial board of Newsweek, and published 25 books.

Toledano was born in Tangier, Morocco to American parents of Shephardic Jewish descent. He attended Julliard, and graduated from Columbia University in 1938.

In the 1930s, he joined the Socialist Party of America, and was made youth leader of its anti-Communist “old guard” faction. He became editor of the old guard magazine New Leader in 1934. Under Toledano’s editorship, it became one of the most forceful and effective anti-Communist journals of that era.

He served in the US Army, and in the OSS during WWII.

Toledano was one of the most prominent of a very small number conservative voices in 1950s and 1960s America. He was an extremely prolific journalist and his nationally syndicated column was highly influential in the rise of the Conservative Movement. He deserves to be remembered with affection and respect for his passionate anti-Communism and devoted service to the cause of Liberty.

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A. Daqn

One of Whittaker Chambers’ grandchildren published a letter of remembrance in The Washington Times called “For Ralph de Toledano”: http://www.washtimes.com/op-ed/20070223-084110-9308r.htm

Michele Steinberg

Ralph de Toledano’s last book Cry Havoc: The Great American Bring down and How It Happened was one that he once said was his most important. He had planned to produce a successor book on the history of the Comintern, which is treated in Cry Havoc, in an astoundingly original way. Cry Havoc has been praised by National Review, the Wanderer, and other prominent conservatives. You can order Cry Havoc as follows:
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Ralph de Toledano, Nader victim

[…] journalism for decades, Ralph de Toledano died last month at the age of 90. (Dave Zincavage, Feb. 6). The Washington Post in its obituary recounts a sequence of events that did much to darken de […]


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