15 Mar 2007

Aiden Lassell Ripley Book in Progress

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Aiden Lassell Ripley, Woodcock Shooting

Antiques and the Arts announces a request for submissions of privately-owned works by the American sporting artist Aiden Lassell Ripley (1896-1969) for a major new book to be published next year.

Stephen B. O’Brien Jr Fine Arts, LLC is planning to publish the most comprehensive book to date on sporting artist Aiden Lassell Ripley (American, 1896–1969) and is seeking submissions. The book, which will be released in conjunction with the Aiden Lassell Ripley exhibition scheduled at the Cape Cod Museum of Art, Dennis, Mass., in August 2008, will showcase the painter’s large body of work in a hardbound volume comprising more than 160 pages and with more than 125 color illustrations.

Ripley is perhaps best known for his skill at capturing outdoor sporting scenes. He spent much of his career traveling to plantations to paint commissioned shooting scenes. Vanderbilt, Mellon, Marshall Field and Carnegie are among the prestigious names of families who commissioned Ripley’s work.

In this new survey of Ripley’s oeuvre, the authors will include watercolors, oils, drawings, magazine covers, portraits, commissions and public murals. Subject matter will cover not just the sporting paintings, but the artist’s wide range of talents — from early impressionistic landscapes of Europe and New England to later realist works depicting the outdoor life in places from the Deep South to Cape Cod.

Read the whole thing.

Aiden Lassell Ripley, Early Woodcock, etching

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Ann E Keller

I have a small lithograph, it is titled Start of the Day, and signed by A. Lassell Ripley. It has two hunters and two dogs. It was found in an old barn of my in-laws in Rossville, Kansas, during their estate sale. There is no history of where it came from, but was among other old items in a box.
I have yet to have it reframed, but it is in a gray wooden frame with no backing.

I am so excited to have this wonderful lithograph.



Paul Chase

Will a limited edition of the new Ripley book be published?


I haven’t been able to reach either the author’s gallery or the Cape Cod Museum.

I expect the publication date is timed to coincide with the exhibition opening in early August.

I recommend keeping an eye out on Amazon. These kinds of titles are often a lot cheaper purchased there.

gloria rudeseal

I found an etching signed A. Lassell Ripley , titled Good Hunting. It depicts two hunters,one man with a pipe and a man holding 3 horses still in a field duck hunting .I can’t find a history of this etching in any history I’ve found on Lassell. Is it possible this is an original ?

Jim Rucker

I found a print by A.L. Ripley in Fairview Tx. which is entitled “A Promising Day”. It depicts two duck hunters in a john boat deploying decoys. They are looking over their shoulders to view ducks swarming in the distant sky. I have never seen this particular image in any books or references. It is signed on the print and on the paper the print was embossed plus the title. It appears to be in an original frame.


Well, here it is, March 2009, and still no book. We’ll have to see when we go back to the visit the museum on the Cape in a few months.


I doubt that the Good Hunting etching is original, because I have one as well, which is why I am on this site. Mine is framed so I don’t know the exact size, but the etching itself measures about 5″ x 8″. I want to sell and would like to know the value.

Joe Kidd

Years ago at a garage sale in Davision, Michigan I bought what I thought was a pencil drawing of a quail hunt. Several years later my fiance decided to inspect it out of curiosity because she was studying printing at the time. Upon closer inspection we noticed that it is an Aiden Lassell Ripley etching entitled “Point on Quail”. There is no series number and it is signed. Does anyone have any information or has anyone viewed this print in a publication before? Any help would be great.


“Point on Quail” is a drypoint print published circa 1950 in an edition of under 50 copies. A copy sold at auction in March of 2008 for $1500.

sharon Brichfield

I have aduck hunting picture by Ripley signed and dated 1946 two men hunting in brush over water and 8 flying and10 on the water. Just wondering if this is worth anything. It is in excellent condiction.


Does it have a title? Is it an etching? Or possibly just a photogravure reproduction of a watercolor painting. Ripley’s etchings sell for some hundreds to a couple of thousabd dolars at auction. Some of the cheap reproductions of Ripley paintings are worth very little.


I’m familiar with A. Lassel Ripley’s etchings for I was hired by the Boston Printmakers as a “master printer” and “printed” 10 sets+ of most of the work I have seen on line.


I have a watercolor print titled “Turkey Blind” by A.L. Ripley. Can anyone help me with info (date painted,etc.) and value.


Contact this auction house. They sold a copy recently.



I have a lithograph by A Lassell Ripley that is signed in the bottom right. It is called a perfect day. Anyone have one of these or know the value of this lithograph. It was my grandmothers.


Try contacting Copley Fine Art Auctions. http://www.copleyart.com/ They specialize in sporting art. Condition will affect value, of course.

Ted Ledford

I have a lithograph by brown and bigelow signed by A. Lassell Ripley titled ” Wild Turkey”.17″ x 13″
I paid approximately $25.00 for it in a thrift shop just because I liked it and I could tell it was fairly old. I do not know the date but would love to send a picture of it to you if the book is not yet finished. It is also up for auction or sale whichever I decide to do.

H. Bruce Greene

Aiden Lassel Ripley was my father’s 2nd cousin.
I have two arists proofs for the Grand Central Station Mural (N.Y.) the are titled “Passconaway”. They portray the Chief of the Passconaway tribe on a cliff over looking the village. In one proof, he is facing toward the viewer. In the other, he is facing toward the village tribe below.

I would be most interested in acquiring your publication on his works of Art.
Please, instruct me on how to make contact with you.


I don’t understand why you think I am the author of the new Aiden Lassell Ripley Book. You can buy it via Amazon: http://is.gd/9jJkp

One of its authors can be reached via: http://www.americansportingart.com/html/home.asp

Alice Pawlowich

Perhaps someone here can help. Have a water color of 3 grouss on a board in a glassless frame. Signed and dated 1941. I purchased this in a second hand shop in western Canada. Doing a name search, this is the first I have heard of this artist.

Margret Anzaldua

How much is A ;assell Ripley’s “On The Job”?

Margret Anzaldua



The reproduction is offered for sale here: http://is.gd/HBAGud

dot hargrove

I have a signed print by A. Lassell Ripley titled Grouse on the Wing! It was given to my father in the late 50’s or 60’s by Savannah Sugar Corp as a “thank you for your business” Christmas gift. Am interested in finding if it has any worth.

tim yarbrough

i have a signed 1941 of 3 grouses under a pine tree can u tell me what it is worth


value of three quials under pine tree by a. lassell ripley 1941


value of three grouse under pine tree signed by a. lassell ripley 1941

Crystal g

I have an A lassell Ripley painting it looked like it said pipley by the way it was signed it’s on the lower left side there’s no name for the picture I’m not sure if it’s a print or what it’s in a frame and it’s about 40 inches it says 1941 it’s a snow scene with 3 birds I guess they are quails and a tree pine or spruce any info would help thank


I have a print of “A Promising Day”. It appears to be signed on the right bottom with the title on the left bottom same penmanship. Value please if you might know.


I have a print of “A Promising Day”. It appears to be signed on the right bottom with the title on the left bottom same penmanship. Value please if you might know. I found this print in my father”s things as I was cleaning his things out of the house.


No one can give estimates of value of prints without examining them in detail because condition is very important. If you want to sell a Ripley print, you can photograph it and offer it on Ebay, or you can contact a reputable auction company.

Daniel Adams

I discovered a 1941ruffled grouse print or painting. how can I find out the value?

Margie a garrison

I have a print signed a lassell ripely called a perfect day in original frame. Would love to know more about it. Thanks

Tammy Jo Yecker

Does anyone know how much a signed on the left Aiden Lassell Ripley 1941 Ruffled Grouse in the snow goes for?


The price would vary depending which etching it was, the condition of the individual print, and the vagaries of the market.

Cal Britsch

I also have a signed print titled “A Perfect Day” that was my fathers probably from the 50’s-60’s. Anyone know of an outlet to sell it?



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