31 Mar 2007

Fox News Special Report ‘Socks, Scissors, Paper: The Sandy Berger Caper’


Fox News:

Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., is charging a cover-up by the Justice Department in connection with the 2003 theft and destruction of top secret documents by Clinton National Security Advisor Sandy Berger. Davis also told FOX News that he is not convinced that Berger was not acting under direction from the Clinton Administration.

“I’m not convinced that he was acting alone,” Davis said. “They could have well said, ‘Sandy, do you remember that document way back — that I wrote to you … We can’t get this into the record. This is gonna make us look terrible.’ ”

Davis’ comments came in a FOX News special, “Socks, Scissors, Paper: The Sandy Berger Caper,” to be broadcast on FOX News Channel on Saturday, March 31 at 9 p.m. EDT. The program is hosted by David Asman.

Read the whole thing.

Sounds “fair and balanced” to me.

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Bill Ware

First, this webpage is bizarre. I have no idea if this is the right place to make this comment. I was invited at the end of the “Berger piece” to make a comment. First I am sympathetic with the program, but the program was confusing in the context of what my memory was about the issues. I recall that the press had reported at the time of the first controversy, right or wrong, that Berger had only taken copies of the documents. If this is not right then the program should have built upon what the common memory might have been – assuming mine has a significant percentage of the audience. Second, you did not make it totally clear when Berger took away from the examination rooom “his notes made at the time” or the archive documents or his notes in the archive. Or better, it was not clear as to when it could be proven without a doubt that he had taken archive documents, in distinct form when he could have taken archive documents. At the end you should have graphically illustrated exactly precisely what was taken or what he did was known to wrong. You should show all the possible permutations, then what is provable, what is likely, and what is possible. Otherwise a good program.

Bill Ware

It is obvious that there was a trade. The Bush Whitehouse wanted to protect Ms Rice, so they gave the Clinton gang some protection as part of the deal.


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